The Ten Benefits of Outsourcing

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on August 22, 2019

The Ten Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development services are not something new for today. It’s good when you have a credible partner that has good expertise level in your domain. You can delegate various tasks related to information technology. But what kind of benefit can you get from such cooperation? Let’s have a close look at the ten benefits of outsourcing that you get from such cooperation.

#1. Access to the expertise

You may face the fact that you lack qualified and experienced people in your location. IT outsourcing comes to the rescue as you get access to the global talent pool. You can work directly with the freelancers or pick up outsourcing companies that will make up a dedicated team specifically for your new product. When you have a company as an intermediary, you get a guarantee that developers have vetted their qualification level.

#2. Access to the innovation

If you want to try any new technology or carry out any ideas that don’t exist in the current market, software outsourcing is a good choice for that. You will work with people that regularly train and are interested in crafting new approaches to building average solutions for various domains. Remote team players may learn the existing experience of innovators, attend various conferences or test their ideas and carry them out as well.

#3. Domain expertise

You can pick up the company with great experience in building new solutions in your domain. If you are a fintech enterprise, you may want to get IT outsourcing services from a team that has built at least one similar successful case. Domain expertise can be checked through a simple conversation with the business analyst of the company or with the project manager.

#4. Risk share

You share the risk of successful delivery of the program with your vendor. What does it mean in real life? Hiring qualified programmers and other team players is the responsibility of the remote vendor. Your task is to provide a clear project scope or a list of requirements for the future software product. You are both responsible for the result and you should both keep an eye on the process of development to make any updates right away.

#5. 24/7 workflow

You can pick up a remote team that will work while you sleep. For example, you may have your office located in the USA (East coast) and a software development outsourcing team in Ukraine. When your working day is over, a remote team will only start their work. This is handy if you need the project to be delivered asap. In this case, you may have a few people involved in the project delivery in your office.

#6. Improved time-to-market

When you have all the above-mentioned factors, you will have a new app or component ready in a short period. You don’t spend time on planning the project, recruiting the talents, interviewing and training them to become aware of your domain. You don’t spend time on replacing the team players in case something happens and people leave their work. You spend time only on controlling the milestones and assessing the results.

#7. Compliance and adaptability

One of the advantages of outsourcing is that you can have two or three people starting the roadmap and you may finish with twenty or even more as you grow. Adaptability is about changing and updating the number of team players to your requirements and budget. And this is about the choice of the stack and the environment that will solve your tasks in the most efficient ways.
It may happen that you start work with one stack and you realize that it cannot solve your tasks for 100%, so you may need to try something else and choose the one that will show the maximum efficiency.

#8. Scalability

You can update the scope of the project in some time if you have new business goals or there are changes in the market. You can make a deal with an IT outsourcing company about it and add it to the agreement that you sign before the cooperation start line.
For example, you may need a new component that will become a part of your existing app but you decide to have five more components that will have a similar logic – you will not have problems with scaling the project up if you hire a remote team.

#9. Focus on business tasks

If you find a vendor that offers a project manager to rule the process of the development, you will have no need to manage everything. You will have the possibility to focus on solving your business tasks and concentrating on building efficient methods in your in-house team and be aware of the processes that happen outside your office.

#10. Cost reduction

Location matters as it influences the cost. If you hire Ukrainian engineers, you will surely pay less for their work in comparison with the US-based team. If an average hourly fee of a middle developer is about $80 in the US, you will pay $25 for an engineer from Ukraine. That’s a significant difference while the quality of the delivered program is the same.
To get all the benefits of outsourcing, we recommend to carefully choose a remote company. Here, in QArea, we believe that outsourced software development services will foster the rapid enhancement of solutions that will fully respond or even predict the needs and expectations of the users.

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