The Things Your IT Department Is Doing When It Should Not

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 15, 2014

The Things Your IT Department Is Doing When It Should Not
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There were times when huge companies of hundreds of employees had just a few strange people in their staff that were managing computers and adjusting printers. Now that time has changed and IT departments are huge and are bringing colossal profit there are still tasks many of them are wasting time on as they were the ones always responsible for such things. And, after all, how long does it take to make adjustments in all the computers from the sales department? You would be surprised…

So what are top things your IT department has to stop doing?

  • Manual account creation. Creating an account may be quite a time consuming process as it does not only involve putting in some data into several input fields. Such a process is surrounded by many minor complications that are 90 of the total time required to manage such a task like mailbox creation, making a home directory, etc. Automating this process may seem expensive, yet it is totally worth the effort. Same may go with software updates that may be automated with ease.
  • Servicing printers? Really? In 2014 when there are many companies providing just such services that work fast with all the appropriate parts that are nearly as expensive as when your IT manager is buying them in some other place. You will actually save money via their services.  You barely imagine panic attacks of your employees that are hardly tech savvy when any printer runs out of order and that is happening a lot. IT department can’t afford dedicating that much time to managing printers as they may use that time to bring actual value to your company. Think about it.
  • Sell software before building it. Let’s face the facts, not all software is successful and there are no guarantees that the application you have spent a lot of time and money on will be profitable. Usually IT gets the blame for such a failure, but should they if they have merely done what was told? Today, with all the data available research has to be on place 1 in business.
  • Multiple other minor tasks as password resets or running cables will take a lot of time from your IT department and will not bring you any profit at all. Today there are many professionals well equipped for such minor tasks rather than well-educated IT specialists working for you.