The top 10 mobile navigation system software

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The top 10 mobile navigation system software


Majority of high-end business phones supply with a navigation and GPS application pre-installed, but which take the top 10 places? Does Blackberry Maps conquer Nokia Maps? Which advantages of usage of Google Maps over paid for such satellite navigation software as TomTom?

With the advent of GPS on more and more devices, it becomes essential to find the accurate software to use it, chiefly if you have a lot of business trips and often require finding the way to meetings.

In case you deploy a satellite navigation system easily, it is time to scrap money and invest it in one of the popular software programs which comprise voice directions, in other words, merely stick to free software that is easily available preinstalled or just to download on the Internet.

Here you can find the best navigation devices and software.

Free software

BlackBerry Maps

It is supplied preinstalled on every BlackBerry device with or without GPS. It is a great tool to utilize for carving a route and reaching there deploying text instructions step-by-step. If you are seeking for a venue to meet suddenly with a contact, all you need is just enter a keyword, as for example “coffee” in the search engine and the program provides you with a list of coffee houses according to your current location within 30 KM. You can also ask for step-by-step directions to reach there and deliver the route to your contact so that they could find out the way to get there as well.

If you need to meet someone at their office, you can look at where their office is situated, as the application syncs data with your phone book to display addresses and names of everybody who is in your phone book on the map.

Once you found the required destination you can also bookmark it on the application so that you don’t have to search for it over and over again.

Ovi Maps

Ovi Maps internet service allows customers to browse places from any spot of the world, search for points of interest and addresses and all that save on Ovi. The Ovi Maps application, formerly Nokia Maps is installed on your Nokia mobile devices, and you can sync routes, places and collections between your mobile device and Ovi Maps. But to synchronise you need to have a Nokia account.

Ovi Maps for web may be deployed on any browser and operating system for Mac or PC. To install the Ovi Maps plug-in to get more features you need either Microsoft Windows Vista/XP with Internet Explorer 6 and later or Apple Mac OS X with Safari 3 or later or Mozilla Firefox 3 or later.

You are able to plan your route on your PC at home and then just load it on the mobile device with turn-by-turn directions though you need to pay for this feature. In case you walk to a meeting, Ovi Maps has an improved engine for Walk mode, including shortest route options and detailed maps that display you multiple entrances to subway stations.

There are also other useful options such as safety camera locations, access to real-time data for example traffic alerts and guides of city events which supply access to many events and film listings in over 450 cities.

Google Maps for Windows Mobile Professional

Zoom controls for touchscreen Windows Mobile devices are at the bottom. The logos + and – are a little small and a stylus is of great use here.

You are not able to take voice directions like on any free satellite navigation applications, but Google Maps offers a very thorough step-by-step text instructions and it is possible also to view the route on the map that is pretty handy for an overview.

Google Maps for Apple iPhone

That is the best platform for viewing Google Maps on. This is owing to the super friendly user interface and prompt GPS fix of the iPhones.

Through this application, you may easily switch between 2D and 3D map, street view and satellite view that prove to be easy as pair in searching you destination.

Zoom is very simple all you need is just pinch your fingers together for zooming into the map and to pinch outwards to zoom out. And if you need to move the map you just need to sweep the fingers across the screen.

There is also a good Internet search engine that allows you to find nearest coffee places just by keyword “coffee”. To facilitate the way of defining your current location, there is a big red pin that marks the current location so that you will never get lost.

Paid-for software

Telenav for BlackBerry

It is a great business tool owing to its extensive and detailed lists of Points of Internet, with over 10 million business listings. You are able to get an internet connection on the move thanks to Wi-Fi hotspots of these listings. It can be particularly of great use when you have to send a big file via the internet while you are getting to the meetings.

It is possible to view 3D maps, like in many other satellite software navigation, and there are also onscreen driving directions and turn-by-turn voice.

Currently you have an opportunity to download a free 30-day trial of Telenav for the BlackBerry, and then it will cost ?20 for a package of three-month usage.

TomTom Navigator 6 for Windows Mobile

It is a sound option along with good reason. TomTom proves to be the most commonly used standalone satellite navigation system, therefore it is not surprise that mobile version should be equally intuitive.

First of all TomTom Navigator 6 goes packaged together with TomTom Home which give you opportunity to transfer, manage and store all your services and content to your mobile phone.

Just as on Vodafone Find&Go you have the opportunity to find other customers of the software and shift especial locations and maps to them that is great in case you try to plan a meeting with contacts or colleagues.

There is also an estimated arrival time like on the standalone TomTom system. It may help to plan your time better and there are also speeding alerts that notify you when you break the speed limit.

For your complete ease of use all this supply on a microSD card, you just need to slot it into the Windows Mobile device.

TomTom Navigator 6 includes maps of Western Europe and costs ?90.

Vodafone Find&Go

This service is not the most entirely featured navigation software, but it has a handy extra if you use it on Vodafone.

It is supplied pre-installed on majority of Vodafone devices together with GPS, but you should pay for it ?5 per month, in case you make a decision to keep on using it after a 30 day free trial.

The subscription of the Vodafone Find&Go comprises of free camera safety alerts, turn-by-turn voice navigation and the capability to share the points of interests with colleagues who utilize Vodafone Find&Go as well. It is definitely very handy in case you set up a business meeting.

Go Pilot 7

It is one of the best for Windows Mobile and is very similar to a standalone satellite navigation system.

Go Pilot 7 supplies pre-installed on a microDS card, so then you are able to swap easily between various Windows Mobile devices that provide a microSD card slot.

The one of the main advantages of Go Pilot’s satellite navigation solution is the opportunity to entire preview of the route before heading off in such a way you are able to judge any problem areas or traffic hotspot.

Go-Pilot 7 comprises of entirely updated congestion zones of many places so if you mistakenly come into a charging zone it won’t by any surprises and it also supports 7-digit postcodes.

As GPS mobile phones is more portable that any other satellite navigation devices. So these are top navigation in the mobile world.

  • Apple iPhone
  • Blackberry 9500 Storm
  • Blackberry 8900 Curve
  • HTC Touch Diamond2
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • Nokia E75
  • Nokia 6210 Navigator
  • Samsung i8510
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
  • Sony Ericsson W715

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