The Upcoming Developer API for Google+

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 5, 2011

The Upcoming Developer API for Google+
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New social network of Google, Google+, it has been public for a few days, and programmers are already concerned with access to this service so they may roll out improvements and add-ons.

Luckily for them and certainly for Google+ users, access for developers is coming. That is just a matter of time. As senior vice president of social for Google, Vic Cundotra told at a Web 2.0 Summit that he is a developer guy at the Vic Gundotra worked 15 years at Microsoft before leaving for Google. The last s job he took there was a general manager of evangelism platform. That is right to say that he has got the background knowledge for building systems which may create upon. core. And it is inconceivable for him to build something without a platform.

But that is not surprising that Google+ made its launch without developer access. And the service here is far from fully baked.

As Gundotra told they are just to get started. The functions and features of Google+ will probably change substantially in short order. It is definitely that more functions will be added to the service, as well as extended integration with other Google applications. Now providing developers access can be premature, as somebody may develop products which end up duplicating features which Google by itself is only about to put into the publicity available service.

But revealing Google+ to developers ultimately may enable all manner of improvements and add-ons, from third-party access apps, such as Tweetdeck was for Twitter, to Zynga-like games which have access to the Google social graph, and to other add-ons and utilities. But it is preferred to see utility which makes faster work of sorting and managing contracts into circles.

Google is collecting names from programmers who wish to know the time the company launches developer tools. Now there is an e-mail and online Google Group sign-up.