The way to create a functioning Java User Group (JUG)

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 17, 2011

The way to create a functioning Java User Group (JUG)
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Java User Groups

Java User Groups are an increasingly significant department of the grosser Java network and nowadays only a particle of Java programmers goes into scheduled conventions.

Before starting it should be useful to say that while not having enough information to back this up, a huge amount of JUGs has come into being during the last three years, over than 10 years past after the first introduction of Java to development’s society, taking into account at least a half of today’s functioning Java User Groups. Taking only France, where more than a dozen of functioning JUGs were created, all it has been happening during the last four years. And the interest for Java doesn’t seem to shorten, quite the contrary.

It’s neither important to be a member of a JUG nor demonstrate a high activity in one but visiting some of them could really fascinating (their format is unusual), so after seeing a good number of Java User Groups take off, some failures, and cooperating with a few JUG headers on a formal stem, would be useful to share the components that are believed to be key-stones to a prosperous JUG.

JUGFirst, of course a tryst will be needed. It may sound evident but the absence of a permanent (best of all free-of-charge) cabinet for the sessions could become the cause of JUG activity reducing or simply evaporating. Universities accord to be the best determination after common company session rooms.

Second, it is going to be very hard, factually impossible, to organize a JUG without sponsors. Practically the same sum can cover for Beer & Pizza (or Cheese & Wine, self choice) maybe more significantly this should turn as help to cover for speakers expenditures (journey + hotel). At the time those speakers depleted by grosser partnerships should be able to charge off their implicit travel, a good decision would be not to miss out on the self-sufficient consultants. As a variant, it is perfect to have official JUG participants paying a yearly deposit. This starts to work well once you get a well organized subsequence of occurrences, including even an annual (international) conference.

Third, will be the last, but absolutely not the least – the demand of a apposite content. This is the information that presents Java User Group’s behooves and it doesn’t mean to contain the news only about hot and extremely modern technologies of the latest and glorious JVM language. Some people think Java User Group is a practice, others mostly as a joining time together, and also a good slice as a way to be acquainted with the news in the Java ecosystem. Different topics   need to be balanced but widely recommended to have a little assemblage of people strike out the agenda. Polling or gross groups of people usually can’t create too well.

Surely all of the already said could be probably applied for any technology user group; Java User Groups are a bit distinctive because they are fluently federated by mailing dispatch and cooperation is relieved by Sun primordially and now by Oracle. Starting a JUG, always wholesome to gather basic data about it on some webpage, and be registered on java-user-groups and start exorcise with comrade JUG headers, they are a great crowd and will certainly try to give some tips.

And as it is, do not forget that energy and passion are going to be needed to keep a JUG forcing. That is it!