The Things any Developer Should Do By the End Of 2015

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 11, 2015

The Things any Developer Should Do By the End Of 2015
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Why update skills?

Ever heard of evolution? A theory about survival of the fittest. It may be implemented for software development as well (or any other field of business or science, but that is not the actual point as for this post). Any developer has to reconsider his set of skills and abilities at a certain point. Such a developer needs to adjust as well to stay amongst the fittest. So what are these considerably new things any developer had to consider as for now and many of you still refuse in denial?

  • Stop running away from the design! This is like some major dogma any developer had to brutally deal with as 2015 is beyond its middle. Sharper design skills are already a developer’s necessity as web and mobile applications are slowly killing desktop. And the mentioned top pair is much-much more interactive and design-focused. And their value may not be underestimated due they may bring billions if successful, (like, let’s say, Angry Birds. Imagine what would have happened if its developers were not good with design?) or they may ruin a business (especially something as fragile as a start-up) if users are not falling in love with new apps from first sight.
  • Any developer must have learned at least one Web technology as for now. Have you ever considered there are about 2.4 billion people with access to the internet and that number is growing on a daily basis? Surely those people require some of your talent in development and you can’t satisfy their need without PHP or ASP.NET or any other thing of that sort. HTML/CSS, jQuery, JS will assist any developer greatly as well. You do know all that as for now, right?
  • The exact same words can be said about skills in mobile application development. Android SDK, iOS, Windows phone, whatever. You should have chosen at least one as for now if not all.
  • You must certainly have a blog by now, right? Having a blog is generally a great idea considering you are in no way considering it as a mean of gaining cash and glory. There are many other purposes. For starters you will get all you know out of your head and into one particular place. Plus it may be of great assistance to the developer community. And there are pleasant bonuses like you are improving your writing skills (helps with all the documentation), you will get more confident in what you are actually doing (don’t know why that happens, just a known fact) and it will improve your thinking as you will try harder with writing thing the entire world might see.
  • You have surely developed something like an app of your own, have you? What may put your abilities to a test better than something made by you going live and into the web/markets, etc.? This in deed puts your skills under test and makes you reach to your limits but what else does it make? You are becoming a brand. That is something should have done by the end of 2015. Your certification, skills, blog, app. All that has to be a whole thing defining who you really are as a developer. And that is the most precious thing you will be recognized for when getting a new job with higher salary, beginning your own startup or anything of that sort. Do promote yourself.

But, as said earlier, 2015 is already past it’s half and you have probably done all that by now, right?