Things People Don’t Tell You About iOS Projects

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 22, 2015

Things People Don’t Tell You About iOS Projects
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iOS applications rock. Apple has done a great job at advertising their hardware, firmware and OS. People love and demand more new iOS applications and the market is always willing for new solutions. However, despite various obvious advantages App Store provides (we will not be discussing them right now as there are already numerous articles, studies, blogs and white papers, etc. on this subject) there are deeper and darker aspects of iOS app development projects not everybody is eager to share however, if you are interested in development you should definitely prepare your business to all possible risks.

It’s not all about coding

Usually marketing takes as much (or even twice as much in several cases) time as coding itself so you will have to have patience. And this process never stoops as you are releasing new updates, fixes, promos, ad campaigns or patches, whatever the case people will need to know of them. This means constant artwork required and new campaigns in social media, etc. Support and maintenance is not only abound the code quality.

Why does the website matter?

Then there are websites. What? Websites – one might ask and the answer is yes. Consider you are comparing two similar apps from the store. Both look appealing so your next rational step would be visiting corresponding websites and the content, design and layout there will determine your decision. Same goes for the App Store description. Pay lots of attention to copy. It has to be meaningful and understandable. It has to explain every aspect of your app within few words. It has to literally sell without selling hence skilled copywriters will have to be on your team.

International market is challenging

Once an app is in the Store people from all over the world have access to it and if all was developed well they will be downloading and using your solution. And they may end up with defects and issues like some strange text or pictures or any other content that is applicable in Paris and hated in Iran. English is international indeed but apps are not and they have to be customized wisely to serve needs and goals of all users regardless of what language they speak.

Use words spreading about your app

Users leave notes and comments and feedback that you can and should use. Capitalize on users you have made happy. Testimonials are one of the best ads you can think of so place them on your website for better customer reach. Ask for reviews and be happy with every piece of feedback you are receiving after all people are investing their time in those. You can even encourage them with discounts and special offers.

Have a FAQ

No words needed here, just have a decent, well-designed FAQ.

And now, with all this knowledge and a bit of luck you are more open to the glorious world Apple’s App Store may offer. Good luck and don’t forget: your apps have to make people happy, otherwise they will not make you and your business satisfied.