Things That Can Ruin Your Mobile App

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 6, 2015

Things That Can Ruin Your Mobile App
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So you already have an astonishing business idea for your mobile application. You are certain you need one (a great choice, by the way) and you are eager to end up all the preparations, development and you haste to launch, launch, launch! But having an idea and people who will be implementing it to life is not enough.

There are still many challenges awaiting you on the slippery path to success. There are several mistakes you may make when making decision that will literally erase all your dreams and expectations from reality. Here are several examples of thing you should not be doing:

  • First of all every mobile application is small. This often leads to a misconception that they are easy to develop. How hard can it be, right? A tiny website sort of thing. Well, this belief is wrong to its very roots. The functionality is different, the scope as well and, of course, the size. Many people believe their application is bond to have the same functionality their website has otherwise its pointless to even have a mobile app in the first place. What makes a mobile add so great: it is easily accessible on the go and allows just enough functionality users require to have as an addition to them minding their business. The interface should be simple and intuitive. It should serve other goals as any user may enter your website without the need for an app if he wishes to.
  • Beta testing your own application is an awful idea. You just can’t do it with cold blood and required determination. Nor can your friends and family. They will never tell you how awful some particular part of the app really is. Always remember the golden rule: you require a user-friendly app, not an owner-friendly one.
  • The right way of monetization is important. You may go with the in-app advertising model or the subscription model or something else and even a combination of all. But is your application is obviously screaming – give me your money! – that is something users will not appreciate. Be careful here. You are free to A/B test after launch though as long as you are sure that you have chosen the right monetization model.
  • And the other side of the coin: money are not falling from the sky and applications do not just sell themselves. Whatever your great idea is after launch it lands in a pool of piranhas and one will sure require sharp teeth to survive there. Make sure you are 100% aware of your Target Audience even before you begin marketing. Use all available resources like Google Trends.

However, if you have thought the whole thing through and are wise enough to understand competition there should not be any serious obstacles in the way between you and success.

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