Thought Embodied in Words

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Thought Embodied in Words
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When I explore the news on QArea web site, check the site content for certain information or inquire any of Project Managers for proposal, I can feel subtle similarity of all the intelligible, polite, though strict phrases I read. I know that whoever of my colleagues is sending me an email with any QArea document or quote, there is a fairy who has already made this technical text comprehensible.

Oksana Lyutikova is Technical Writer and Editor in QArea Marketing Department. Apparently Oksana is one of the most direct, bright and methodical persons I ever met. These features help her not to lose the way in the labyringth of documents, portfolios, estimates and news letters she has to compose and edit every day.

Just with the same straight and sincere mood Oksana is expressing her thoughts in my interview. As far as I’m very often asked about Ukraine, Ukrainian people, business and characteristics of life here, we have paid special attention to these questions. Oksana has an experience of living and working abroad what gives her rather objective opinion about peculiarities of Ukraine. Quite casually she indicates on modesty of Ukrainians which has been always cultivated in our country as a necessary part of decent behaviour. I cannot say if modesty is good or bad trait in general. However, I must admit: we are shy! Ukrainians are not used yet to talk about themselves without blushing and we just start learning to do this now. So for me it’s a pleasure to see how easily and clearly Oksana can speak about her experience and achievements.

– Oksana, please tell more about your background.

Since my early childhood I have been dealing with English language. Thus, naturally, I graduated from Kharkiv State University, Department of structural and applied linguistics. This education implied not only linguistic discipline, theory&practice in technical translations but also higher mathematics, theory of algorithms, programming and others. The latter appeared extremely valuable what I understood much later when I came to QArea. Thanks to my education and engineering background (my parents are technicians) I feel myself duck in the waters of technical language and style.

– What experience did you get before your work in QArea?

It is extended and rich. I tried myself in various industries but my job in its major aspect was always engaged with foreign languages and international affairs. This improved my understanding of main social and economic processes, the world globalization pace.

I worked as CEO assistant, import/export manager, translator/interpreter, translator project manager, head of translation office, and translator recruiter.

My last job gave me inspiration and aspiration since I was hired by international localization company situated in Poland. That was educative period because I learnt what international business style is and communicated with many and many people. Due to this experience I became aware of my strong sides and became confident in my capabilities.

– What brought you to QArea and when did it happen?

I came to QArea almost two years ago. The company was in need of a Technical Writer and Editor. I just returned from Poland being deliberate to expand my capacities beyond translating and communicative skills.

– What are your main responsibilities in QArea?

When I came here my objective was to improve the QArea documentation creation process and edit all the outgoing documentation in terms of language and style. I also trained our translators and project managers who wanted to develop their language skills.

Now I am responsible for news, top complexity translations, marketing and other documentation structuring, style and composition. Strictly technical aspects are prerogative of developers and project managers, of course.

– What do you think is your greatest achievement in QArea so far?

First of all many project managers speak fluent English now due to my contribution in their progress. And second all the documentation, site content and proposals are in perfect order. This happened so because of my care.

– What do you love about your job?

I do my best to help my colleagues to communicate with existent clients in particular, and potential customers in general. I love the beauty of a thought being precisely and melodically embodied in words no matter what language is applied. I try to search for a verbal form to be appropriate in each particular situation.

– What is your favourite writer and why?

I do read many authors in original. Besides, I appreciate different aspects of creativity. I love Russian writers for incredible richness of the language they use.

Among English and American writers I have read in original, I would like to emphasize Frank Herbert and his Dune sequel. I think this is the greatest human universe production developed with careful attention to the smallest detail: from technology to ideology.

My deepest respect is to Sir John R. R. Tolkien for his fantasy and choice of linguistic means he used in The Lord of the Rings.

Among Polish writers I like S. Lem, H. Sienkiewicz, A. Sapkowski.

– What are your main news sources?

News is made by people. So, my source is QArea team. But behind every news there is a mainstream idea I would like to promote. Sometimes I collect these ideas when surfing the internet, sometimes they emerge during our marketing department brainstorming, sometimes Max Garkavtsev, QArea CEO brings them from abroad. And finally my feminine intuition serves me a good service! 🙂

– I am often asked what life in Ukraine is like. After your job abroad, what do you think is the most interesting about our country?

We are still young and thirsty nation. We are well-off with difficulties. Our higher technical education often sets tough rivalry to the one that can be obtained abroad. We share European values and at the same time we are capable of enthusiastic work for an idea.

– As an expert in marketing, could you please describe the situation in Ukrainian mobile market?

As for technologies and trends, the fresh and powerful shot at the two main mobile operators was made by a new and bold one – Life:) which was the first to introduce 3G technology and new types of content in Ukraine. Despite many skeptic analysts it dashed ahead and made the old heavyweights search for more flexibility in mobile content providing.

Though mobile content providers in Ukraine are mainly Russian, but due to current internal Russian mobile and VAS market stagnation and drastic growth of handsets pool, both in qualitative and quantitative characteristics, we expect a very fast growth of this market in Ukraine (at the moment it is estimated as 70% annual growth, mobile PC (notebooks and PDA) market is the fastest growing in Europe, 30 million users (of 48 million population), 3G networks are implemented by the three main mobile providers. Special interest is connected with Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX technologies introduction in Ukraine.

– What is the next great trend on Ukrainian mobile market?

Upon my mind new kind of content will gain more and more popularity like Java games, photo image editing and blogging, mobile internet, TV-streaming. Wi-Fi hot spots already appeared in Kyiv and were tested in Kharkiv. We will follow the latest news in these technologies since we have aggregated strong experience in this area. We want to contribute to their development in Ukraine.

– Writing is very creative occupation. What inspires you?

This is the most inspiring and encouraging thing the success, and I like to tell the world of our success. Ukrainian native character is too modest and this is not the way to international market.

I communicate much with many people in QArea marketing, project managers, client managers, software engineers, QA engineers, designers. I know they are very talented. And if they sometimes lack proper words I feel myself owing to help them.

One of celebrities once said, a person gains recognition when he starts being copied. I remember all my translations you may call this a ‘functional tilt’, recently I discovered my texts in the net — with slight changes. I find this a tribute to hit descriptions and ideas.