Three Factors For Successful Outsourcing Project

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August 14, 2012
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You can image the outsourcing project like a beast with bad habits of punishing any latent defect. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why everything can goes not on a proper way. Many things can be uncontrolled even if the process is operated every day by involved in a development process person.

However, we want to give you some advises how to essential increase the chance of successful completion of the project:


It is very difficult to define the level of the trust engagement between the client and service provider.

Generally known fact any resulting advantages gained by one of the contract parties in drafting the agreement tend to be short term. These situations may cause enmity and indignation to your partner and when the level of trust has spent it is very difficult to get it back. Otherwise, when partners have a dependable and genuine trust, they feel that they get profit from the deal each by the same way.

The difficulties are almost inevitably arises during the cooperation process and it is more likely to find the common solutions without legal terms.


Transparency is an inherent part of a healthy outsourcing process. What does it mean in practice?

There are many cases when suggesting that SLA was completed and service reports had all been good but customers had informed about big service problems. It is hard to understand unwillingness of many companies to share a change in timetables or plans that could influence the business with their outsource service providers. Of course, they are the third part but they should be able to keep up with the potential surges in demand. It will be difficult to do it if the outsourcing partner had not been got an adequate warning.


Many experts – both legal and otherwise – try to find an acceptable solution for partners broaden the parties’ with the aid of the range of additional provisions in the contract with change in a proper way. Such important aspect as reliable and well-documented change control process must be included in these provisions backed on the respond legal structure. Agreement provisions can shape the behaviors and relations between partners and can help or hinder both of them in their achievement of the successfully complete of the project.

So, evidently, that the features of successful outsourcing project exist outside of any legal contract.


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