Tips for Businesses: Enhance a Local Website Conversion!

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 4, 2013

Tips for Businesses: Enhance a Local Website Conversion!
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Creation of a successful website is a lot like writing a great ad for your business.

If your local business website starts to bring in traffic, one of the next steps you should take in order to push your marketing ahead is to focus your attention on the conversion rate of your website. To enhance your website conversion rate you must not necessarily apply complicated tools for example heat maps and for sure you are not required to show analytical skills of genius. You can resort to much more easier things to start getting more gain from local website visitors.

Tip #1 Integration of Click to Call Buttons

Your website should be mobile friendly because today mobile devices are used by more and more people browsing the Internet, especially often it happens when users search for local businesses. So it proves to be a good idea to integrate a click to call button in your website and mobile advertising campaigns. Agree that it is much easier to click the link to dial the company at once than to look for a phone number. QArea offers PSD to Responsive Design services that could help you to make a website mobile friendly.

Tip #2 Offering Subscription Benefits

Such benefits do not always concern making the sales. It is also the way to secure your customers and contact them later. An offer which a customer cannot refuse is the key to success. This can be a onetime coupon or special offers for new customers in return for their consent to provide feedback to them.

Tip #3 Clear Website Navigation and Proper Design

Local users usually prefer simple websites which are easy to browse. So, make sure that your website represents a reliable resource with clean design and easy navigation. Today many developers create content marketing plug-ins so there are more than enough tools to make a local website content friendly and imposing.

Tip #4 Applying Effective and Advanced Text Formatting

The headline of your website should be clear and loud enough to draw the visitors’ attention. Ensure that the spacing between images and paragraphs is adequate. It is always good to use sub headlines in order to reengage users and utilize bullet points to emphasize important issues.

Tip #5 Highlighting Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Local users pay considerable attention to what other visitors think of your business. Most of users are deeply influenced by testimonials not even realizing that. Keep in mind that every second visitor of your website is in research mode so customers’ unflattering testimonials can frighten new visitors off. It is also a good practice to highlight reviews and testimonials from popular websites such as Google+, Yelp, etc.

Use of these tips in practice will help you to turn potential customers into real ones, thereby increasing the conversion rate. You also have to remember that one of the main factors that will help you to increase the conversion is adding your website to Google Maps.

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