Top 10 Tips to Become a Good Coder in a Short Time

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on January 17, 2014

Top 10 Tips to Become a Good Coder in a Short Time
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good coderIf you wish to become a good coder and love computers but still have no in-depth understanding of them, this article will get you started.

The following are 10 tips on how to become a programmer in short terms.

  1. Get started and don’t worry. Computer science has endless terms and topics you now seem to never understand. But all you need is to start sticking with it to find over time that nearly is successfully demystified.
  2. Read books and blogs. Don’t feel sorry for money spent on programming textbooks. There’s much evidence that you’ll learn more from one paperback book on programming than from several free blogs. However every source of information is worth using while learning.
  3. Ask experts rather than panic. If you have difficulties with mastering some issues, avoid panic and feel free to consult with the specialists in web development. In most cases they’ll be happy to help you and you’ll get your answers quickly.
  4. Learn programming terms. Coders primarily communicate in Object Oriented terms such as instances, classes and inheritance. Once you master those, it’ll be easier for you to communicate with and work along with other programmers.
  5. Share your code. By sharing your code with others you can increase your earning speed twice. Although making mistakes is embarrassing, letting others correct them and overcoming your errors is the only chance to become great.
  6. Use GitHub. Version control is essential on your way to becoming a good programmer. Github made using and learning version control much easier, so it’s natural for you to resort to it.
  7. Code for yourself. Build things which you like and want to use, because you’ll get more fun working on what you have interest in and it will boost your coding productivity greatly.
  8. Practice English. Code uses English words, and therefore your English knowledge will greatly benefit your code understanding and quality. Great code needs good names for functions, classes, files and variables. Concise and helpful comments are also written in English.
  9. Focus on quantity to develop quality. Start a new small project every week or day. Writing as many things as possible including web apps, Javascript apps, iPhone apps, desktop apps and command line tools you’ll eventually strike your quantity-quality balance.
  10. Master the command line. The command line is not too user friendly and takes time and much repetition to learn. However to be a great programmer you need it basic grasp at the least. And when you become good at it, you’ll be stunned at how much can be done from the mere command line.