Top 10 useful RSS tools

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 3, 2011

Top 10 useful RSS tools
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RSS tools

Utilities that really improve the way you deploy and work with feeds.

It is no doubt that RSS might not quite be living to the hype of the last 2 years, but there are two incontestable facts about this greatly standard for scattering information: that is here to stay and it really works almost for everybody.

RSS is a difficult defined and primary format based around XML which deliver information in a “stream” which users may subscribe to. That is another way, it is a single XML document which a publisher may update with new data anytime and to which a subscribing app may turn and determine what content is new without difficulty.

In this article you know not about the details of the RSS structure or the way to create an RSS reader, but about what else you may do with RSS. Here you will find 10 the best RSS tools, for consumers and IT service companies. Tools that help you with serialize content, output, clean up and publish, aggregate and filter feeds. Moreover, some of these tools may create RSS feeds out nearly everything.

Here is the list of 10 the most useful RSS Tools:

1. Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes is for developers actually about the ultimate RSS feed tool. Pipes presents a visual programming tool for RSS feeds and any other structured data that is based on XML which allows any visually connect feeds, manipulate and mash them up with other services and even more. Actually Yahoo! Pipes deserves a look for every developer who involved in Web 2.0 coding and may obtain data from e-commerce sites and search engines such as eBay and Amazon.

2. FeedBurner

That is very popular tool and great RSS feed improver that clean up the standard feeds and present them in a form readable for RSS readers as well as in regular Web browsers. Due to FeedBurner the owner can add advertising or any other info to the feed, and also coverts feeds into mobile formats, etc. This tool is extremely a must-use for RSS feed publishers.

3. RSSinclude

In case you wish to utilize RSS feed or any Web site, not only in an RSS reader, what to do? There are multitude of tools that allow users do this, and RSSinclude rises above for its ease of use, rich options and abilities to put the feed into PHP, JavaScript and Frame.

4. Feed43

That is one of 2 tools here that allows to create an RSS feed from a Web page that requires it. The distinction is that although Ponyfish is very easy to use, it can not always be exactly what you wish or handle too complicated pages. But if you need to take the time to deploy its macros, Feed43 may script and cautiously specify page elements to bracket wanted content.

5. Ponyfish

What if sites don’t have a feed? Not everyone comprehends the advantage of an RSS feed and the way it may help site. According to survey only 5 % of Internet users use feeds, and some publishers don’t even want users could access their content with so ease. With a few user’s help, Ponyfigh may look at a page of structured data and take out likely feed items. It conduce to over deliver somewhat, pulling out more data than the usual user may wish, but it is very easy to deploy and it works well.

6. FeedRinse

It allows you to filter RSS feeds to delete needless elements or items. Users specify any source feeds number, which the tool filters and combines on a multitude criteria and re-produce as a single stream. FeedRinse may also be very useful while combined with other tools to allow as it may let users to create complex solutions.

7. Blastfeed

It is very similar to FeedRinse but this has somewhat different set of options. The application also comes in feeds from variety of sources and filters them, after allows users to recombine the result into the other feeds. Blastfeed as well as FeedRinse are routinely updated and are undoubtedly ahead of others similar tools.

8. AideRSS

AideRSS is an RSS tool of end-user. It deploys post-ranking technology from exterior sources to rate and rank individual items within an RSS feed and allow users to choose to subscribe to subset feeds which for instance include only the top 15 % of items as defined by ranking and readership metrics. AideRSS is useful for endeavouring to improve the signal-to-noise ratio within big feeds.

9. FeedCycle

It is really interesting tool. In case you publish a feed where the information order is important, where subscribers may read the first item? FeedCycle seizes an RSS feed and provides it a serial which means that subscribers need to start the first part (not the newest one) and then obtain subsequent parts implemented at predefined rate.

10. RSS 2 PDF

The principal tool’s functionality is pretty evident from its name. Only enter an RSS feed’s URL into the tool, establish some options and that’s it: a PDF of the feed. RSS 2 PDF may be helpful for dealing with technology dinosaurs that wish to comprehend everything available about a provided topic but need a printout. It may be also of great use for email newsletters – if it is ok that the document is delivered as a PDF.