Top 20 Ad Network Options For Getting Quick & Dirty Money With Your Mobile App

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 17, 2014

Top 20 Ad Network Options For Getting Quick & Dirty Money With Your Mobile App
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When you have a goal to make money on the app, there are a lot of popular and effective ways of doing this. One of these is posting ads inside the product. Direct sponsorship contracts with advertisers are surely the most lucrative method of selling ad space, but as a great number of app makers today don’t have time or connections for such arrangements, there’s an immediate way of reaching their goal which is less involved and thus more popular. It suggests partnering with some ad networks which do their business by selling your ad materials for you taking some portion of your total revenue for that.

If you’re willing to use this quick-and-dirty way of monetizing your app, here are 20 ad networks you should consider for partnership, in no particular order:

  1. PlayHaven

Having an option of ad network for monetizing users, PlayHaven is known for its virtual goods promotion service that lets you display targeted messages and special offers on the devices with your app downloaded even without launching it.

  1. Madvertise

Including features like advanced ad formats and real-time reporting, this European platform boasts over 10 milliard ad impressions monthly.

  1. MobYD

This one also offers you real-time reporting on your results and provides both CPC and CPM business models.

  1. AdEngage

This network specialises in targeted text ads. It sells ads on weekly sponsorship package basis pricing your ad space by week.

  1. Greystripe

This ad solution offers you access to a variety or premium advertisers. It’s said to have impressive results for many of its large partners.

  1. LeadBolt

The platform is unique in how it offers a whole of ten prime ad units and allows for monetization through many stages of app usage cycle. Besides the traditional ads getting displayed while user engagement in your app, LeadBolt offers you the chance to monetize upon download or when your app is not active.

  1. Airpush

Dedicated to Android, the platform offers a great variety of inventory formats such as icons, banners and so-called  smart walls. Airpush provides weekly payments and in-depth analytics featuring crash reports.

  1. iAd

This official Apple ad network lets publishers get 60% out of the total in-app advertising revenue.

  1. Tapjoy

The Tapjoy system is an unconventional ad network letting users unlock some items within the apps (e.g. coins) by choosing the engagement with some particular ad.

  1. InMobi

Besides working across multiple platforms, the network boasts quite an easy program to install. In their blog InMobi creators also often publish about the best practices in mobile app monetization.

  1. Chartboost

The solution offers game developers to start cross promotion, enter into direct deals they’ve negotiated or to use ad network services and monetize their ad inventory.

  1. AdMob

Owned by Google and one of the top mobile app monetization tools, AdMob offers easy integration of essential functions into your app providing you with a detailed report to help you track the earnings.

  1. MoPub

This ad serving solution, besides its MoPub Marketplace, also offers ad network mediation, advanced analytics and some custom ad serving opportunities.

  1. Playnomics

This platform’s technology aims to maximize your revenue from all the user types by stimulating active paying users’ spendings, creating new paid audience through targeted campaigns, as well as serving ads to their non-paying players.

  1. Adfonic

With this network app developers get control over ad types that are being shown and are able to monetize their sites’ mobile versions. among its signed on advertisers the platforms also has a number of major companies.

  1. AppFlood

The service promises to provide app publishers with up to $4 eCPM partly achieved by taking no commission out of the generated revenues. AppFlood allows publishers to connect to many demand side platforms as well as customize their deal terms for earnings maximization.

  1. Mojiva

A small mobile ad network, Mojiva can fairly compete with its larger opponents mentioned on the list.

  1. Millennial Media

Enabling the monetization of thousands of apps, the service is one of the main players in its space. It provides a program with a self-service advertising feature and gives app makers a chance to reinvest their earnings into some other promotional campaigns.

  1. MobFox

MobFox provides built-in mediation across more than 20 available ad networks and offers its eCPM control function enabling publishers to set their floor for acceptable rates. The service deals with mobile banners and video ads only.

  1. AppSpot

A Flurry’s project, AppSpot claims it uses only takeover, banner and its video ad units to help publishers make money in just 10 minutes. Also, its dashboard lets you allocate the traffic across different ad networks.

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It never hurts to make more money with a successful project using app monetization. You only have to do this thoughtfully to keep your users unaffected.

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