Top 3 Choices You Want To Consider When Designing Travel Sites

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on June 1, 2015

Top 3 Choices You Want To Consider When Designing Travel Sites
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Almost every designed has accepted the way of minimalism by now, but one industry still thirsts to remain cluttered and overweight – travel apps and websites are usually not what users expect and wish them to be. This is happening due travel websites must offer much in order to be of service and use, and minimalism is not (seemingly) the best approach here.

Minimalism is not absence of functionality

When travel sites are concerned you cannot offer less and expect more, as rich functionality is the way you are helping people. Does this mean minimalism is truly a poor choice for this industry? No, it’s just you have to look at it from a different angle. You don’t have to reduce the amount of features you are offering, you are to grant simplicity.

The dilemma

Let’s imagine you have a website that is created for people to book airplane tickets. First of all you will have to deal with a booking interface that goes on in multiple steps and screens, with vast amount of data input from the time of the flight and the desired airline, possible destination points and up to credit card information. You will need people a chance to compare flights, prices, and snacks even. How will people pay? PayPal? Cash? You will also have to implement canceling procedures, etc.

Also there is the emotional connection towards the choices people are making. Choosing the best flight is something that can’t be just done without additional information, so you will have pictures, company description and a lot of storytelling.

Considering everything that was noted above, it’s not hard to fall victim in the all-towards-functionality trap, when you will let people do much, but the ways will be mostly inconvenient, your site will lack style and polish and all those data inputs will never be user-friendly. However a pinch of simplicity designed to transform all these processes into something newer, better, and not eliminating them would indeed work flawless. How to do so?

Content Blocks

This simple, yet astonishingly effective technique can do real wonders. What are content blocks? Pieces of the puzzle that contain and display various types of info. Each block is displayed in its own spot of space, and possesses an identity. Here is a great example of what I have in mind.


You can easily set up mind-blowing combinations of videos, animations and images in such blocks, or set them as block backgrounds adding quite a pack of sheik and glamour to your website. As an addition, you will receive large, user-friendly navigation tools. Navigation is combined with bright presentations of both your goods and services. Simple, yet classy. And no extra weight whatsoever.

Full-screen images/videos

One picture may be worth a thousand words. IF you will choose a bright and colorful background appropriately you will need nothing else to encourage visitors with their awaiting trip. This touch makes websites close and comfortable to people and all your functionality may be conveniently standing behind amazing appeal.

If you are creating a website about travels to Paris, imagine how great would a lovely couple entering a basketry and enjoying a fresh baguette would look like to people who want to experience these very feelings? A looped video can, indeed, perform such magic.



Do you know what looks stylish no matter what? Black and white websites do. Well, it’s not that your page has to keep everything like an old TV-set, no. We are still talking covers and backgrounds and main page layouts. Contrast looks impressive to all. You can even combine this technique with the ones described earlier to achieve astonishing results. Just be creative!