Top 3 Elements You Probably Should Have Added Into Your Social Networks By Now

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on August 26, 2015

Top 3 Elements You Probably Should Have Added Into Your Social Networks By Now
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Social Media really pushes business to skyrocketing sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Especially if custom-tailored social networks enter the stage. People love to share anything of even slightest value as long as this mentioned value reflects their nature. Smart business owners have already invested in creation of appropriate, targeted social networks and brilliantly exploit this desire.

Nevertheless, once developed will not remain in trend forever. Social Networks need to improve themselves, mature overtime and embrace numerous actual trends. Here is a nice top 3 of such “innovations” you probably should have considered by now:

Mobile social networkMobile!


It’s not enough to be mobile-friendly. Mobile needs to be your top priority. After all it delivers more than a half of your entire traffic. In fact 65% of time people spend in social networks comes from smartphones. This percentage will only grow as more and more people are becoming lucky owners of smart devices. Where does this lead us? Your network can’t simply be responsive. It’s not enough. Everything from the very core should be developed (re-developed) with respect to mobile users. This approach has several benefits. Your ads as well as shopping systems can and should be appropriately geo-targeted thus accurate and meaningful ads can be displayed.

Video in social networkVideos!

Test content is soo yesterday’s news! People are into videos today especially now that they are easily created and sharable. Nonprofessionals with built-in-phone cameras can create and even edit amazing videos for free. And it does not take long to both create, upload and share a video. Today’s wireless internet coverage allows those to be watched without a sweat. No wonder everyone loves a great video. Primarily focus on integrating services like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. into your network. This can be done via usage of appropriate APIs. There are also other ways videos can be used to grant you with an advantage: Instagram, for example, added some in-feed video ads that target people based on numerous factors like age or country. Why can’t you do the same? One nicer thing you can do is add some support for both Vloggers and micro-vloggers. They are hot in trend right now.

Shoping in social networkShopping!

E-Commerce began to dominate Social Networks ever since the end of 2014. We even have S-Commerce today (S stands for Social). Networks become online wallets allowing to purchase merchandise seen in ads with but several clicks. Facebook already has payment features. And accessibility of solutions like PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, etc. only make commerce easier for you. Simply try the “buy” button out and be surprised with revealed results!