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Top 5 Hardest Challenges for Programmers

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January 6, 2014
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software developerBeing a software developer you probably face every sort of challenges at work. They include ensuring the absence of bugs in code, estimating time for task completion, explaining the job to other team members etc. Most of road blocks developers have to handle don’t even refer to writing code.

Developers have shared their thoughts with us and we’ve compiled the list of things developers think are the hardest they have to do.

  1. Developers have to write a lot of documentation to explain how the code and application functions. They may be either stand-alone documents or code comments. This is intended for a wide audience from other developers to end users. Since programmers normally prefer to write code rather than document it and documenting takes much time, this task can sometimes seem a mere waste of time in case nobody reads it.
  2. Developers also write programmatic tests for small code units to confirm their proper functioning. As the process of choosing which tests need writing and coding is sometimes tedious, it may seem a great extra part to direct work on application building.
  3. Sometimes developers have to work with code written by another programmer in order to debug, enhance or maintain an application or code piece of another developer. Here the most difficult is to understand how something works in this legacy code and divine the original developer’s intentions. If this person is not around, the documentation or comments are poor, it gets even harder.
  4. Software developers often find it hard to explain what they do to their friends, family members and non-tech coworkers. Family members and friends tend to mix up developer’s job with the system administrator and expect developers to easily solve any computer problem.
  5. At the very outset of the project developers are supposed to come up with estimates of time needed for the work. This is a real challenge that requires significant experience since you hardly can objectively calculate the time on some unforeseen problems basing your decision on vague requirements.

These challenges may be partly addresses by involving other team members into or software outsourcing some time-consuming tasks.


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