Top 5 To-Do List Apps

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 19, 2014

Top 5 To-Do List Apps
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More and more people use their mobile devices for planning their day, making notes and set reminders. And as iOS and Android app development evolves, a great number of applications appear to provide such features, and one can choose any of them. But sometimes it’s really hard to find a to-do list app that would perfectly meet your needs and match your style.

Although finding the right tool is highly personal, there’re some apps that are generally recognized as better than others.

Let’s take a look at them. has a clean and simple interface and many great features. It works on iOS, Android and also can be integrated to Chrome browser as an extension. It provides smooth synchronization between platforms and devices. allows creating tasks for “today”, “tomorrow” and “later” as well as set certain dates and hours for reminders.

Google Keep

No need to introduce this app, as like most of the other Google products, it is fast, simple and easy to use. Google Keep unites a reminder and a notepad that can keep text notes as well as photos, voice notes and can be easily synced across devices and are stored in the cloud. Although it is too simple and lacks some features for planning big projects, it is perfect as an everyday reminder. However, the app is not available for iOS users, as traditionally Google’s apps are developed for Android only.


Todoist is a powerful to-do tool, which can be installed on iOS and Android, used on the web and desktop (both Windows and OSX). And that is not all – Todoist has add-ons for Chrome and Firefox, plug-ins for email apps like Gmail, Postbox, Thunderbird, Outlook, and more. A great set of the app’s features includes multiple priorities and categories, projects and sub-projects, sub-tasks and dependencies, syncing in real-time and many more.


Wunderlist a cross-platform and cross-device to-do app. You can reach it through any iOS and Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux desktop and mobile device. I supports reminders, recurring, sharing your to-dos with others, categories, interface customization, etc. The pro version allows file uploads, collaboration tools, comments on your to-dos and other features.


Carrot is to-do list app for iOS, which differs from others by making your everyday tasks a game. Its creators say that Carrot is an app with personality.  You can get upgrades by completing tasks and even win over 400 unique rewards.  Its gesture-based interface creates outstanding user experience.

And what is your favorite to-do list app? Let us know in comments below!