Top 5 Mobile Apps To Improve Your Business Life

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 7, 2014

Top 5 Mobile Apps To Improve Your Business Life
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People have started noticing the use of the same devices as they are getting used to handling multiple computer devices for their personal purposes. If you look at iPhones, you’ll see that they are starting to deliver much more than just fun. Now many businessmen try to adopt their mobiles for business.

To make this idea come true, here is the list of 5 helpful apps anyone can use at the office for boosting job productivity and comfort.


The app is designed to provide users with a list of his or her local nearest restaurants, bars, banks, petrol stations and supermarkets. It enables finding the distance, choosing from a range of establishments in your domain and gives some other information. It’s really helpful to use when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place or country. Developers working on the app have integrated some leading-edge technologies such as support of external GPS or augmented reality. They also collaborate with FourSquare, OpenTable and other top data providers on localization.


If you want to share files or collaborate online easier, try an iPhone app by It offers an ability to access and store your data online. It is a place to go for secure and simple content sharing. It initially provides no-strings-attached 50GB of cloud space to iOS users, but it can be further upgraded for a fee. Paid accounts support desktop synching and other useful features as well as have more storage place.


This is useful for contact information sharing. You only have to install the app, fill in your personal details, launch the app and bump together two phones while holding them up. This can be of much use while expos, conferences and industry events when it’s inefficient to exchange business cards that are getting lost constantly. Besides, it has a new feature of transferring and sharing photos between PC and iPhone.

i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote

This app will come in handy if you want to make your PowerPoint presentation more stylish. What you have to do is to run the Windows or iClickr Mac server on the computer, start the app and wait till your computer detects it. As soon as it is connected, PowerPoint will launch automatically and you’ll be able to operate your slides remotely. You may as well choose between the paid and lite versions.


If you already have a subscription, it’s possible to download this app from iTunes App Store as well as log in using the company RingCentral password and number. This gives you a chance to extend your RingCentral business presence to almost any place with Internet connection. When making a business call you can also make use of the RingOut service letting you hide the personal number.

Business matters executed via iPhone are not much harder than closing deals using a separate mobile phone. Mobile development companies create new applications to make our bussines life more pleasant and easier at the same time.