Top 5 Promotion Errors of Businesses on Facebook

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 16, 2014

Top 5 Promotion Errors of Businesses on Facebook
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An increasing number of businesses of every size nowadays set up their Facebook page in order to maintain better presence in their customers’ lives and to extend their customer reach. The rather common steps of this procedure are creating a Facebook business page, including some pretty graphics, posting and gradually gaining followers. But often business owners stay disappointed as their costly efforts in time and resource to engage with Facebook users do not produce the expected results.

The matter may be in your making one of the 5 big mistakes below.

  • Giving Nothing

If you don’t give your visitors anything and only ask them to buy from you by throwing your ads and specials at them, it won’t do. Users always look for something useful for them, so bring them some valuable content to connect with people. Social connections are about sharing something, which means this works in both ways. If you really give visitors something valuable for them, they will come to you. And this will be the time to post some unobtrusive ads.

  • Ignoring Facebook Apps

On the right below your image, there are boxes for installing apps. Some of the apps link your YouTube or Twitter page, some let you a custom page with HTML. Utilizing a host of such features will make your Facebook page rich in experience so that it’ll be much like your site.

  • Posting Only Text

The times when text was the only media of information are gone and you should be more versatile to touch your visitors’ hearts. Use all available media to tell users more and in a more attractive way about your business and offers. A video is a perfect way to provide visitors with a peek inside your brand’s life, but don’t abuse them too much as these take time to watch and are not as catchy as pictures. Images should be if not the key, then a significant part of your content.

  • Writing Lengthy Posts

Save long speeches for your blog. In a Facebook post you should use only as many words as it takes you to write what you need to say, and no more. Normally you have only two lines of text to make the desired impact on users as they tend to just skim the news without reading. The words “see more” referring the event page, or whatever, are only good when you’ve already said something valuable and catchy.

  • Refusing to Pay

If you really want to make your Facebook page visible to much more audience, the quickest way to arrange this is paying Facebook for promotion. You don’t need a huge budget for this and you may promote one of your posts for a start.

Review your Facebook marketing strategy and exclude the above mistakes which prevent you from success.

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