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Top 5 Tools for .NET Development. Part 1

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April 25, 2014
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Сan you imagine Picasso painting without brushes or Michelangelo sculpturing without chisels? Definitely, not! The same is true about web developers who can’t build web apps of enterprise level unless they have some right tools at hand.

In the first part of our article we present the top 5 list of helpful tools .Net application development pros are using.

Microsoft Visual Studio Extensions

The Visual Studio now is the core tool of web and software development programmers use every day. It provides nearly everything one needs for development, testing or debugging web apps. The current Visual Studio 2013 release is widely used in .Net app development, too. The following extensions prove to be handy in particular.

  1. NuGet

This free open-source package management system focused on developers working on the .NET platform aims to simplify the incorporation of third party libraries in the .NET app during the development.

  1. Web Essentials

As its name suggests, it is an absolutely essential Visual Studio plugin representing a productivity enhancer that helps us write HTML, CSS, JS and LESS faster. This tool’s best features are merged in the next Visual Studio version.

  1. Resharper

Though not free, it is probably the best code refactoring and productivity Visual Studio plugin. It brings a great productivity boost in the coding style and lets developers save their time and effort as it highlights their mistakes in advance.

Other Tools

  1. Version Control Tools

This provides the ability to track every change made as well as reverse the changes if necessary. Version control tools are not only important when maintaining a project history, but are also the basis for team collaboration. You can utilize version control across your projects whatever their size is.

There are a lot of different version control types, but the most popular version control systems are SVN and Git. GitHub, the web hosting service for app development projects using Git, has its own Windows Git Client.

  1. Browser Development/Debug Tools

Most .Net developers prefer using Chrome with its Developer Tools, and Firefox with its Firebug which allows for examination of each aspect of their web page. Similarly, Internet Explorer and some other browsers feature their own development and debug tools.

Check also the follow-up post ‘Top 8 Technologies for .NET Development. Part 2’ to find more facilities for .NET programming.


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