Top 5 Web Projects to Write In PHP

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 28, 2013

Top 5 Web Projects to Write In PHP

There are a lot of uses of PHP, the most popular programming language for web development so far. If you master it, you’ll be able to do many different things – from drawing charts to creating an on-line shop. In this article we want to present the most popular projects where PHP is applied. If you’ve started practicing PHP or just want to make some big thing using it, here you will find the helpful ideas for your project and learn what to start it with.

Online Shop

Online shop php project

E-commerce is one of the most popular PHP uses as people always search new revenue sources on the web and such a project provides just that. Besides, the employers really appreciate the skills of e-shop building. Advanced developers can either make it from scratch or use a specially-designed framework such as CodeIgniter or CakePHP. The first has a detailed guide on developing online-shops while the latter has an extensive variety of ready-made code for cart applications. Beginners may try one of the existing solutions for building online shopping platforms like Magento or Zen Cart.

Online Community

Online community on phpAny business, whether it is about entertainment or commerce, need to maintain the connection with its customers. E-mails and hotlines are not very effective, it is much better now to have your own community. It enables feedback that is necessary for improving services as well as quick and effective customer support. A PHP-driven community can be built by means of PHP Framework or CodeIgniter.

Content Management System

CMS development php

This is an extremely popular case of PHP usage nowadays. You do not have to be a pro in CSS and HTML for building such a system, instead it can be done on PHP by means of handy CMS such as WordPress or Drupal.

Project Management Tool

Project management tool phpProject management is an indispensable component of any business and systems for managing projects are used widely today. They help monitor employee progress, assign tasks, handle reports, cooperate in a team and control the work of the whole company. If you build such tool yourself on PHP, your boss will definitely approve your expertise and find application for the tool itself. It is recommended that you tool have security assurance, time tracking, files sharing, task sheets, messaging and other functions that you can vary as you like.

Facebook Application

Facebook app development phpIf you are fond of social sites and interested in the back-end of Facebook platform as a developer, you may want to integrate your website with Facebook using PHP language or even build your own application for Facebook. To help you with this Facebook PHP is created. This is the client library where you can find all the necessary files for your project.

While attempting one of these PHP projects you’ll learn a lot of useful techniques what will be invaluable for you at the workplace.

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