Top 6 IT Jobs Hotter Then The Sun’s Surface

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 15, 2014

Top 6 IT Jobs Hotter Then The Sun’s Surface
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Which IT job is cooler? Windows mobile application development or Desktop masterpiece software creation? Let’s get a bit more general, right? It actually matters not where especially are you headed with IT. Every specialist is capable of finding an awesome job in this field that is constantly developing. Yet we’ll be making a nice little list for your entertainment and vaster knowledge just in case. Enjoy, and don’t be greedy.

The list is not categorized in any sort. There is no first or last place here. Just actual data appropriate for 2014, USA.

  • Computer support specialist. This handy guy’s average paycheck is leading him to the $59.090 median salary. The unemployment rate here is 6.6% and the amount of expected job openings equals to 123.00. It’s more than mere IT for these fellows. They are actual problem solvers. The job requires vast reflexes, fast thinking and splendid communicative skills. Do you want to be amongst those who actually help people?
  • Computer System Administrator. The man without who it is impossible to even imagine proper work of a decent office. His median salary will be $72.560 with the unemployment rate of 3.9% and 42.900 job openings as expected. One of the most potential jobs by the way if you will be looking at the trend of companies investing into their tech infrastructure.
  • Computer Programmer. The artist of IT which are creating masterpieces using Java as their brush and C++ as paper. They are to earn approximately $74.280 a year with 28.400 potential jobs awaiting for them and the 4.5% unemployment rate.
  • IT Manager. There has to be a person managing all of that colorful crowd, right? These people effort pays off with a median salary of $120.950 which is nice. The unemployment rate is 3.2% and there are about 50.900 openings for those good at handling people.
  • Database Administrator. This kind of experts are using their design and analysis skills for correct building of business databases to precise specifications. And they are fairly earning their average $77.080. They also have 17.900 job openings with the 3.6% of unemployment rate. Great, heh?
  • Information Security Analyst. They are earning $86.170 for securing all their hands reach for. Cyber-attacks – piece of cake! Their unemployment rate is as minimal as possible with only 0.9% with the impressive 27.400 job openings.

There are of course more awesome jobs in IT and any young and talented specialist is welcome. So keep up the good work, friends!