Top 7 IT Specialists That Are Not So Easy to Find

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 28, 2012

Top 7  IT Specialists That Are Not So Easy to Find
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IT specialists

Even in the conditions of huge unemployment today, there are still several kinds of IT specialists which are hard to find. It doesn’t mean that there are no job-seekers on the job search websites. There are a lot of them. But once a job-seeker has been interviewed and appointed to the job, in a few months (in the best case) he or she starts to do the work badly. Why does this happen and what specialists might those be? Look for an answer in our Top 7 IT specialists that are hard to find for HRs.

Product evangelist

Everybody knows this person. He is the face of the company, he knows everything about its product and it’s really hard to find him.

Product evangelist is committed to promoting the product through exhibitions, blogging, conferences and talks. He is everywhere the product is being interested in. And one more thing about him – he travels a lot. Much more than any other specialist in your IT company.

So what do we have? A person who is interested in IT, who knows about all the IT products your company or your competitors offer, he knows about all the latest news of software development, he is undomesticated, he has the technical knowledge and advanced communicative skills. If so, how many people fit these criteria today? The answer is clear.

IT trainer

There is a lot of good IT specialists and there is only a few of those who is able to teach. That is why IT trainer’s position is so had to fill.


It is not that hard to find worthy IT director or CIO from outside. But it is much more difficult to find CIO who will match your corporate culture, who will be deeply respected among the IT team and at the same time will combine such skills as leadership and team working skills.

Project manager

There is only one reason why project managers are in our top list and this reason is the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. And it is not even a question of certification charge or something like that. According to the PMP requirements person should have 3-5 years of project management experience with leading projects to apply for this Certificate. And according to the head-hunters’ requirements the person who applies for Project manager position should have the PMP Certificate. So the endless circle stands out a mile and only a few job-seekers are able to break away from it.

Maintenance programmer

This position has a lot of names, but the main point is that the maintenance programmer is attended to deal with already existing “legacy” applications. But today, at the Age of New Technology, who expects obsolete and outdated working process? So small amount of job-seekers means a bad headache for head-hunters.

Technical writer

These writers know everything about technical performance of your IT development and software and they can clearly explain it to users. And due to the fact that creative professionals usually are not good at development, the developers have to take care of it themselves really often. And for information technology company  it seems to be a really astronomical problem.

IT copywriter

Copywriter is not that heavy kind of work. The main problem is that creating new ideas for articles might be easy at the beginning and almost impossible in a few months of intensive work. Routine kills freshness, but nothing kills routine. That’s why IT copywriter is in our Top 7.