Top Free Tools For Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 16, 2014

Top Free Tools For Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign
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If you are talking about a marketing e-mail you are talking about something attractive. Something that sells. Something that is worth a ton and more money? Not really. Well, at least the last sentence is not entirely true. There are various free tools and services with which you have the potential of making your letter look like marketers from heaven itself were working on it. And they have done a nice job as well. If you are a young startup short on cash, a new company that is not entirely through with its marketing strategy or simply are wishing to reduce the costs on marketing a bit the following post is for you.

Who provides free e-mail services?

There are many well-known e-mail service providers that have solid ground underneath. And I’m not talking about various WordPress plugins or Drupal modules. Here are some great examples of services you may find quite handy.

  • Mad Mimi. This is a not too known and spread service yet it has proven to be quite a pleasure to work with. The free trial people from Mad Mimi are offering grants you with 2.500 contacts as well as 12.500 e-mails. The service also supplies you with some pre-designed templates (which are quite sharp) and still the interface is easy enough for practically everybody to be creative.
  • MailChimp. Here you will be able of sending up to 12.000 e-mails to a list of 2.000 subscribers. You will also have access to the template builder as well as a set of array and tracking tools. The automation is worth some money though.
  • ReachMail. People from ReachMail are offering quite a lot for free. 5.000 contacts to store and 15.000 messages per month is not all. You will be able of creating surveys, some social media engagement, deliverability and tracking support as well. I’d say it’s quite a pack.

Make sure your subject line states exactly the message you wish to deliver

There are many free tools out there to help you optimize your subject line. And it needs to be as sharp as it gets for your recipient to open your letter.

  • MailChimp’s Subject Line Suggester. You will have to be in your MailChimp account to access this feature. Yet it may prove quite worth it. The tool will allow you to compare your one to all the subject lines ever sent from MAilChimp services. There will also be a large amount of data at your disposal. That data may show how similar letters were doing. Priceless.
  • Litmus’s Subject Line Checker. This tool is drastically different from the previously mentioned one. It allows you to see how your subject line is looking in multiple e-mail clients. Thus there is no way any crucial part of your line’s being cut off.

Make sure all is delivered and not considered as spam

  • Email Spam Test. This tool does exactly the thing it got its name for. It is powered by the SpamAssistant.
  • Lyris’s Content Checker. This is a tool that will score your e-mail with a ‘spam-score’. It will also help you to tweak the mail for it to be of maximum potential. This tool is extremely popular and is also powered by the mentioned SpamAssistant.
  • MXToolBox. This tool may require somebody who is a bit tech savvy yet your web master may find a lot of interesting things within it.

What if you are looking for images?

I’d start with the fact that nearly 40% of e-mail box owners have blocked mail that includes images thus I am not advising you to include them in anything that has marketing value. But, if there has to be an image due to any serious reason let’s make sure it’s free. And properly sized.

  • Web Resizer. A quality photo without quality loss? Just what the doctor ordered. This tool will allow you with capabilities of resizing, cropping, border adding, and size reducing up to 70% capabilities with minimum loss in quality of the pic.
  • “The 15 Best Free Images Websites on the Internet.” Now that is a nice post with lots of sources for magnificent free images. I’d bet you will find all you have ever required there.

More handy tools:

  • Dialect’s Premailer. This is a handy thing for cleaning the HTML in your e-mail. The tool will transform most of it into pleasant CSS and will advise you with possible improvements.
  • Email on Acid. The tool will test how your message looks in various mail clients and will also look for broken links. It will , as well, give you some advice for optimal rendering. By the way it has a lovely feature (yet this feature is not for free). If the subscriber’s images are turned off he will still see what you were wishing to show him as a pixelated version.
  • Canva. An amazing solution that’s tailored to boost design of your letters. Ensure people are motivated to take the steps you want by carefully guiding them the path of conversion-oriented UI. Canva can simplify this tasks with rich graphics and design functionality. You will be empowered to choose from pre-designed templates. And you can create your own masterpieces with a vast variety of tools. If Photoshop and All of web’s best practices had a child – it would be Canva.

I truly hope this post was quite helpful to many!

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