Top Healthcare Apps

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on October 8, 2019

Top Healthcare Apps

During several last years, emerging technologies have brought growth, development, and new opportunities to the medical organizations, and the healthcare industry in general. Here’s an overview of top healthcare apps created for major purposes of both worlds: medical care providers and patients.

Healthcare apps for medical care providers

There are many ways how medical software development can help doctors, nurses, and administrators of healthcare institutions. Let’s take a look at essential types and best examples of healthcare apps.

Electronic health record solutions

Depending on the purpose, healthcare apps of this type are also referred to as: electronic health record (EHR) solutions, hospital management software, healthcare CRMs, and medical practice management software (MPMS).

Yet, the concept for all these healthcare software solutions is the same. EHR apps help to deal with everyday operations and clinical workflows, manage patient records, and process financial information and payments.

Best e-health record apps:

MPMS software

Prime Suite


Hospital management software


 Practo Insta

EHR software


 IO Practiceware

Healthcare CRM



E-prescribing software

Healthcare apps of this type bring true automation to the industry. Electronic prescribing software allows medical care providers to send prescriptions right to the pharmacies. It’s fast, helps to eliminate any errors, and brings best possible customer – or rather patient – experience.

Top e-prescribing software:



Assistance and professional knowledge

Healthcare is a particularly sensitive industry when it comes to staying on the curve. So, in healthcare application development which would help to stay up-to-date, it’s essential to provide care providers with access to strong knowledge base and competent colleagues to get diagnostics, treatment, and drugs prescription consultancy.

Examples of assistance & knowledge enhancement apps:

Diagnostics and treatment:


 Isabel Healthcare

Drugs prescription:


Professional knowledge


Remote patient monitoring apps

Healthcare providers who are treating patients with chronic disease, face multiple barriers regarding collecting patient data, especially when they need to track it in real-time mode through continuous monitoring.

Healthcare software solutions for remote patient monitoring (RPM) apps are handy here. They help medical providers not only to monitor patient’s condition, but also streamline communication between the doctor and patient, and in general increase accessibility to effective care.

Top RPM apps:

Vivify Health

Top healthcare apps for patients

These are healthcare software solutions tighten to patients’ needs. Most of them help patients maintain healthy lifestyle and treatment, keep fit, get urgent care, and manage medical records.

Personal health record apps

Leveraging these apps let patients store and manage their health-related data on-the-go. They also can access their electronic health records stored at the clinics, and share the data with their physicians.

Top personal health record apps:

Capzule PHR
Apple’s Health

Apps for reminders and alerts

Reminder apps help solve the problem of missing doctor appointments and, even more importantly, forgetting taking medications.

Here is one of the best reminder app examples:

Mr. Pillster

Fitness and healthy-everyday-life apps

These medical apps provide training programs and nutrition plans to help patients reach their health goals. Also, patients can track their exercise, nutrition, and activity. Often, healthcare software solutions for fitness and wellness go with sensors measuring heart rhythm, energy expenditure, hydration, and more.

Medical IoT is a growing trend in healthcare, covering way more vital areas alongside state of wellness. Read here about innovative IoT health devices. Getting back to the fitness apps:

Here are examples out of the top list:

Beachbody on Demand

The medical software development keeps growing, bringing emerging technologies to the healthcare sector. If you have a healthcare application development idea to enter this market, contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you bring it to life.

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