Top Hot-&-Trending Social Networks That Rock Today And Are Not Facebook!

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on April 17, 2015

Top Hot-&-Trending Social Networks That Rock Today And Are Not Facebook!
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So here we are forced to face the fact that Twitter is old and Facebook is ancient in terms of today’s technology leap that seems to last without a stop forever now. If you have any ideas for new social media that is going to become the next big thing – now would be a great time to implement those ideas into reality. If you are looking for inspiration just go through these considerably new social media solutions people are into more and more today. There will be some amazing examples of how an up-to-date social media network should look like.

  • Shots. Since the word selfie officially went into dictionaries I’d have to say this trend requires separate attention. And so did Shots creators apparently while developing the ultimate selfie-sharing solution. Shots is a nice mobile social network that allows vast sharing and replying functionality as well as the ability of sending private messages. Its currently running iOS but the Android version is coming shortly.
  • WeChat. This service is designed for text and voice messages. You are also gaining the ability of making free calls when using WeChat. Users may create groups and share photos and videos. You can also find people that are nearby your location which is nice. WeChat runs on both iOS and Android.
  • Snapchat. This platform has an interesting approach to sharing photos and videos. You will determine a limit while duration of which your content will be available for other people and it will be deleted afterwards. There are various features available for deeper customization as well as the ability of Stories (sets of posts united with one idea) creation. Android and iOS both do welcome Snapchat.
  • We Heart It is a more tender version of the loved and known Pinterest however it uses the ‘heart’ and tag system and pinboards are ‘collections’ and ‘canvases’ in our case. We Heart it is also available on both Android and iOS powered devices.
  • Vine. If you were ever looking for a solution that is designed for making and sharing six second long looped videos (apparently this functionality is really demanded today) you have come to the right place. Android and iOS are both available here as well.
  • Medium is a really smooth microblogging solution. There is seemingly no better place for people to share ideas and stories. This platform also allows you to recommend stories within networks as well as curating their favorites.
  • Bubblews has a really interesting approach to making ad money. In here users are attracting advertisers and traffic and get paid for that! You can create a bubble and share it, like it, comment on it and you can easily follow other users. No app for now but we are expecting one shortly. Well, I am for sure.
  • Whisper is but another example of a combination of sociality and privacy. You can also share secrets anonymously here and you can send direct messages (also anonymously) and you can ask people for advice or simply talk and communicate. Available on iOS and Android.

You have probably noticed there was an accent on mobile OS the apps are running on. That was done for a reason. Most people are using social media from mobile devices primarily so if you wish to be good and famous in this industry a mobile app is a necessity.