Top Insane Gadgets That Are Hot-&-Trendy Against All Odds

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 20, 2015

Top Insane Gadgets That Are Hot-&-Trendy Against All Odds
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CNN has recently released a list of insanely awkward gadgets that seem to be quite popular for reasons yet unknown. All of them were, well, intriguing so I was really inspired to do a little bit of digging to find out more.

Wired In

I believe all of you have seen the “shut up and take my money’ meme and this, I believe, is what it was created for. Let’s start with the “Wired In” sign.

It does not really matter who you are, it’s always hard to say ‘no, go away, I’m busy’ to people. Imagine you are at work, especially in an open space environment where everybody wants a piece of you for some minor tasks or even a simple chat. It’s hard to stay focused, and it’s difficult to tell people how busy you are, especially if you are a nice person. The wired In sigh solves those problems. Just put in on your desk, adjust the text to be as rude as you want to and dig into work. Everything else will be done for you.


This sign has a week-long battery life and connects to your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or higher meaning you can control, adjust and customize it from your iPhone or your Laptop or any other device that supports Bluetooth tech. You can change what the sign says, you can set up your own color scheme and most importantly you can obviously point out you are busily to people without any necessity of interacting with them. My inner introvert screams out loud with happiness about this one! No surprise $ 20,000 from the required $ 25,000 was raised on Kickstarter when there were still 25 days left to go. The odds are we will be seeing Wired In often in some time soon.


Oh my god, this one is amazing. You get to shoot pests with salt instead of spraying them and you will have an actual gun designed for those purposes!

This gun shoots pinches of salt at insects, which leads to:

  1. You do not use any bug sprays that are toxic
  2. You don’t have to run around trying to hit a fly
  3. You generally have tons of fun
  4. Salt is harmless to food
  5. Did I mention this gun is lots of fun?


No surprise this Kickstarter project has raised more than $577 within two month and over 10K people backed this idea! Still, no words may fully describe this glory, just watch the video and you will most certainly order one shortly. Or you will not, if you are in your common sense, but the idea is still hilarious. It triggers your inner child and that may be a great thing sometimes.


Have you ever wanted a socket integrated inside your sofa? Let’s face it, we are all addicted to our devices. And all of them have short battery life despite numerous attempts of making batteries last longer. But, if you have a dead phone in the evening and you want to browse some web through it without leaving your bed or couch and your sockets do not allow that? Chargers you are supported with have short wires and you are thinking if only your sofa was near a charging device. Well, now one of those may be integrated inside your bed, chair, couch or whatever.


Your couch will be supported with a dual USB charger and a 6-foot cable. I truly see no further reasons to explain more – you can charge a device while lying in comfort and playing with it. An actual dream-come-true. This project was 177% funded on Kickstarter with the total of $53.000 in just 21 days.


Have you ever imagined people would automate the process of cleaning ears? Apparently Q-tips are not enough in the 21st century.

Oto-Tip creators state that Q-tips are not eco-friendly and risk popping your eardrum, plus they simply push earwax further on. Not nice, right? And Oto-tip, another innovative invention is equipped with a nice little brush that sweeps earwax and a rubber stopper for better security, the stopper will not allow the wand to go too far inside the ear. I don’t know about you but moving objects inside my ear do not seem like such a great idea, however the project was 260% founded, meaning there are still those disagreeing with me on this matter.

What do you think of these gadgets? Feel free to share your crazy ideas in the comments!