Top IT Industry Trends of 2016: Which Projects Get Your Startup 100% Funded

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 29, 2016

Top IT Industry Trends of 2016: Which Projects Get Your Startup 100% Funded
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Have you found the confidence to establish your own IT development business? Then you are probably wondering which IT sphere to work in. No doubt, today almost all IT products and services enjoy immense popularity among customers.

Still, if you want to easily raise funds and to make good money, it is advisable to specialize in offering such software development services. All in all we have listed 10 stunning tech trends that were born in 2016 and are destined to stay on the top for at least a decade.

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# 1 Create robots and software for them

Not so long ago one could not believe that all sorts of robots would become an indispensable part of our life. Today such machines are widely used for production, scientific and personal purposes. People are highly interested in robots that can do boring or dangerous work for them. Consequently, there are a lot of companies that specialize in producing robots for all kinds of factories.

In addition, there are machines that can substitute real life partners. Such robots can communicate with people and make them feel a little less lonely. Sure, millions of people are ready to pay a great deal of money to have such a robot. Due to the fact that robots are in great demand, the majority of investors are interested in the startups operating in this sphere. In addition, such projects often draw the attention of governmental bodies.


# 2 Develop autonomous agents and machines

Most of us have already got used to smart devices and virtual assistants. They can perform a wide range of functions, which provides us with additional free time. Still, to control them, we have to deal with menus and buttons, which takes some time and effort.

So, tech development companies do their best to create applications to make such machines work autonomously. These apps serve as intelligent agents—users can speak directly to them without using menus. As a result, virtual assistants, smart vehicles and similar machines have become even more user-friendly.

Sure, startups dealing with these technologies seem to be promising and are attracting the attention of investors.

# 3 Security architecture services

The number of people using PCs and mobile devices is constantly growing. We can hardly imagine our life without gadgets. Of course, they make our life more enjoyable and help us deal with all sorts of tasks, but they can also be used to endanger our personal information, money and even our lives.

The hacker industry is developing rapidly and new threats appear every day. Despite the fact that a large number of tech development companies take every effort to prevent cyber-attacks and to block threats, this problem remains a live issue. Governmental bodies and financial corporations, as well as firms operating in other spheres, are interested in the software that can guarantee the safety of information.

Consequently, if you offer this kind of software development services, you are unlikely to face great difficulties finding investors.


# 4 Apply virtual reality to treat diseases

Today, virtual reality technologies are mostly used to create exciting video games. However, they can also be used in other spheres, for example, in medicine. Special virtual games can help people abstract from pain or compulsive thoughts.

They can replace addictive medications which lead to adverse health consequences. Such technologies have been applied by the doctors of some medical institutions and they have proven to be a success.

These games can be used to reduce pain and to treat a range of psychological conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Still, there is much room for improvement. Sure, if you want your company to specialize in creating such virtual games, your team should comprise both IT development specialists and medical workers. However, it’s worth it.

You will be able to work with exciting and innovative technologies and make our world better. Besides, both private investors and governmental bodies are likely to support such projects.

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# 5 Develop software for educational AI toys

Today, one can choose from a wide selection of AI toys. Such toys are mainly used for entertainment, however, they can also serve as a means of education. They can even be used for teaching kids with learning disabilities.

AI toys possess numerous advantages over human teachers: they have unlimited knowledge and do not feel emotions. Consequently, they cannot get angry or treat kids unjustly. The use of such toys makes teaching children suffering from autism or other disabilities more productive. There are a lot of investors who are interested in this kind of project.

# 6 Create blockchain applications

Blockchain has proven to be a truly promising technology. It is expected that it will be applied in a wide range of spheres beyond Bitcoin. Since it is not so widely used today, if you start working on it now, you will inevitably achieve a great deal.

It is time to familiarize yourself with this technology and create new applications based on it. No doubt, investors will be interested in your company if you are one of the pioneers in this sphere.


# 7 Produce wearables and create suitable software

Apple showed us that wearables are on fire this season. The math is simple: due to their numerous benefits, wearable devices are in great demand nowadays. Customers use such gadgets to monitor the state of their health, to control their physical activity, to track the location of their children and pets and for other purposes.

Some wearables can perform such a great number of functions that they can replace computers. There is an immense selection of these devices available, but there is also room for innovations and improvement. Since wearables are popular among customers, companies operating in this sphere are attractive to investors.

# 8 Develop haptic software

Such technologies seem to be truly promising. They can be applied in retail, education, producing automobile equipment and other areas. For example, because of haptic technologies, customers can feel the structure of fabric while buying clothes or other items online.

Such software can be widely used in commerce, and as a result, such projects are investment attractive.

# 9 Offer AI financial services

Artificial intelligence is widely used by analysts working for banks, insurance companies and hedge funds. Such technologies are applied while working with data and developing anti-fraud solutions.

AI can make the whole banking system run as a well-oiled machine. Besides, these technologies can be used to forecast financial trends and even to prevent crises. If you decide to operate in this sphere, both banks and governmental bodies will become interested in your services.

Smart home

# 10 Develop software for smart-home devices

The number of customers using various smart-home devices is rapidly increasing. These gadgets help us save a lot of time and make our lives safer. Today, there is no need to spend hours cooking and cleaning the house. Smart devices can do almost all the housework for you. Still, if you invent an innovative smart-home device or succeed in improving the existing software, it will provide you with both good money and fame.

Without a doubt, the immense popularity of such gadgets among customers makes this sphere attractive for investors. If you decide to specialize in developing the software for such devices, you will easily attract investments.


In fact, every sphere of IT business is promising and investment attractive. However, some IT development services are in greater demand than others. If you want your company to be one of the leaders in the market, you should keep track of the current trends.

In such a case, you will be aware of the technologies you should familiarize yourself with and will provide your customers with high-quality and innovative services and products. In addition, if you want to attract investments, you should keep in mind that investors prefer to support those businesses which offer sought-after services.

As for IT trends in 2016, these services enjoy great popularity: creating software for wearables, robots, AI educational toys, smart-home devices and blockchain applications, as well as haptic software.

Offering AI financial services, developing autonomous agents, and inventions in the sphere of security architecture will also ensure the success of your business. Besides, today private investors and governmental bodies pay a lot of attention to those companies which specialize in applying virtual reality for medical purposes.