Top Smart Hospitals

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on August 15, 2019

Top Smart Hospitals
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The state of modern medical software engineering is pushing the boundaries of healthcare and redefining the limits of possible. Along with technological progress, hospitals across the globe are striving to update their services to offer the most innovative treatment. In this article, we’ll take into a tour around the world and overview several hospitals offering most innovative services based on the healthcare software solutions they adopt or create.

New York: Saratoga Hospital

Modern clinics are requiring healthcare software solutions to be so sustainable and accurate to make sure they will literally help save human life. Saratoga Hospital is an example of such high innovative hospitals. It’s equipped with numerous electronic Philips devices which virtually monitor countless risks related to medical hardware. When any kind of failure occurs Philips system alerts Saratoga hospital staff members about a problem. This lets caregivers see which patients are trending abnormally and intervene early on.

Lebanon: Clemenceau Medical Center

RoboCop, Robodog, Robo… doctor? Robotic surgery and healthcare software solutions assisting medicine are already doing amazing things right now. And the potential for what they could do in the future could change medicine forever.

Clemenceau Medical Center, recognized as one of the top smart hospitals in the Middle East, very much fits the image of a hospital of the future with its “Robotic team” and advanced medical equipment. It offers high-tech robotically assisted laparoscopic surgery for gynecological, pediatric, cardiothoracic, and general procedures using revolutionary da Vinci Surgical System.

UK: Bristol Hospital, The Chesterfield

Bristol Hospital is operating for about 6 years now and it moves in leaps in bounds in adopting hi-tech healthcare software solutions. Its facilities are represented by digital operating rooms and an advanced diagnostic hub. This all-digital hospital offers such services as digital mammography, MRI, high-definition endoscopy and other innovative imaging technologies.

India: Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Fortis Memorial Research Institute possesses the whole range of diagnostic and therapeutic technology: 3 Tesla Digital MRI scanner, and more. This hospital has been seen among the pioneering institutions in the world to adopt and offer such healthcare software solutions as digital broadband MRI imaging.

It’s also the first Indian hospital to contain a stem cell lab. Other advancements patients can access in Fortis Memorial Research Institute are voice-modulated integrated operating theaters, a 256-slice Brilliance CT scanner, and a revolutionary “Brain Suite” used for scanning the brain and the spine.

US: Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, UCLA

Hardware always goes hand in hand with software – and with data. Especially when we’re talking about medical software development and health-related data, it’s essential.

Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, UCLA are top 3 US hospitals that nailed it, by adopting machine learning into the medical software engineering process. These hospitals partnered with high technology companies and medical researches to create AI-based projects for various healthcare purposes.

To be more specific, Cleveland Clinic partnered with Microsoft to bring the power of predictive analytics into advanced patient monitoring and care. By analyzing data for key indicators they’re working on healthcare application development of a solution letting medical staff prevent patient emergencies before they occur.

UCLA team put their efforts into VIR – Virtual Interventional Radiologist, which is basically a chatbot automatically processing patients’ inquiries and routing them to the proper specialist. And, Mayo Clinic focused on predictive health trackers AliveCor. These healthcare software solutions provide the ability to monitor patients health status using real-time data collection.

Final thoughts

Institutions that are pioneers in medical software development and adoption help reimagine how healthcare might be delivered throughout the world. Technology gives us the capacity to transform the way healthcare services have been ever provided. Here’s one more insightful read for your about most innovative IoT health devices.

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