Top Ten Mobile App Development Companies in 2019

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on July 23, 2019

Top Ten Mobile App Development Companies in 2019

The number of mobile users is growing each year and it can go up to 7.3 billion people by 2023. Having an app let businesses have regular interactions with their current and potential customers, and make it successful. Building an app requires having a reliable team of developers that will understand your business goals and users’ needs.

We have picked up top mobile app development companies around the globe that can provide high-quality services. Each team has at least 50 successful delivered projects and positive reviews from their clients.

1. QArea

This is one of the top app development companies in Europe – it started its way in 2001 and has gained a positive reputation so far. The team deploys innovative and robust mobile apps for healthcare, entertainment, fintech, and other domains. QArea focuses on crafting complex projects rather than on just selling working hours of developers. This makes the app-building process highly time and cost-efficient.

Region: Ukraine, Europe
Average hourly rate: $25-50
Good for: Startups, SMBs, and enterprises

2. HokuApps

It’s a fast-growing mobile app development company based in Singapore. The team promises to deliver your project in no time – they will perform greatly on Android, iOS, and Windows. There’s no information about the cost of the services – the cost for each project is calculated separately. So it’s good to get in touch with the team to find it out.

Region: Singapore, Asia
Average hourly rate: No data
Good for: SMBs and enterprises

3. Tapptitude

It’s the best mobile app development company in Romania. It focuses on building only mobile apps – it lets them gain expertise and follow the latest trends in technology. They build software for iOS and Android platforms. Most of the companies they work with are startups that are ready to implement cutting-edge solutions to reach their business goals.

Region: Romania, Europe
Average hourly rate: $25-50
Good for: Startups

4. Clearbridge

It’s one more company that focuses only on mobile app development. The team deploys native applications for iOS and Android and provides consultation services. They stick to the agile methodology that allows the team to have a highly productive workflow. Clearbridge is one of the best app development companies in North America and it has a few awards that prove this fact.

Region: Canada, North America
Average hourly rate: $20-23
Good for: SMBs and enterprises

5. CitrusBits

It’s a rapid-growing team that we have added to this top mobile app development companies list thanks to their great project called “Irisvision”. It’s an app for people with vision impairments and legal blindness. CitrusBits crafts robust and brand new products that can truly improve users’ lives. And we this that’s great.

Region: USA, North America
Average hourly rate: $100-150
Good for: Startups, SMBs, and enterprises


This team focuses mostly on publishing projects for the automotive industry. INLOOPX can also build products for VR/AR as well. It has gained awards for crafting robust software and bringing great value to the clients. The average hourly rate is high for this region but the quality of work is also on a great level.

Region: Czech Republic, Europe
Average hourly rate: $100-150
Good for: Enterprises

7. Hedgehog Lab

This is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies globally that has the highest hourly rate. It delivers robust and innovative solutions. The company has a positive reputation and review from the clients. hedgehog lab focuses on the design and development as two major routes to follow. This is good for those clients that would like to implement conceptual ideas into life.

Region: UK, Europe
Average hourly rate: $150-200
Good for: Enterprises

8. Droids on Roids

The company delivers native Android, iOS apps for companies located in the US or UK. Droids on Roids is well-known for its open-source library that is regularly used by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Bitrise. It was listed on the Forbes Diamonds 2018. We think this lets future clients trust the team and order the services.

Region: Poland, Europe
Average hourly rate: $50-100
Good for: Startups & enterprises

9. Mindinventory

The team delivers native Android and iOS apps as well as cross-platform solutions. Mindinventory is located in India with team players from different countries. It has gathered qualified programmers that work on building apps with a focus on reaching the business goals of the client. It has a lot of awards that prove its reliability and trustworthiness.

Region: India, Asia
Average hourly rate: $10-20
Good for: Startups and SMBs

10. Intellectsoft

The company had its first office based in the USA in 2007 and now you can find its branches in Europe. The focus of Intellectsoft is the implementation of innovative solutions for enterprises. This is a plus for big companies that want to stay in trend and provide their customers with a high level of services.

Region: USA, North America
Average hourly rate: $50-100
Good for: Enterprises

How to pick up the best mobile app development company? Here are a few issues to consider: price, expertise, values, local culture and time zone difference. These basic things will help you choose the company that will fully meet your needs and expectations. Working with a remote team will give you access to the expertise that you don’t have in your in-house team and to the cutting-edge technology for crafting robust and high-end solutions.

We’re ready to help you turn your idea into an app!



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