Top Tweet-Predictions for 2016 from Hardcore Industry #Influencers

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on January 18, 2016

Top Tweet-Predictions for 2016 from Hardcore Industry #Influencers
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Now, that all the hype about the New Year cooled down, it’s time for serious people to talk about serious business. We need to be ready for the brave new world that is yet to come.

Technology and IT are fields that are under pressure 24/7, due insane speed of progress. New, innovative inventions pop up every here and now. But are all of them worth attention?

Let’s face it, somewhere around 90% of all new inventions and ideas suffer a terrible fate. Not working out as expected is the very minimum in this scale. So the real questions are: what should we watch out for? What should we expect and what to invest in?

That’s where CIO’s, CTO’s, CEO’s and business analysts step in. The people with reliable answers, set expectations and bulletproof plans. Let’s have a look at what they have to say (or should it be “tweet”) about 2016!


What’s the 1st thing we will learn? You will not get anywhere on your own. Regardless of how big you are, partnership and collaboration are essential. Oh, and one more thing – Big Data is enormous!

Tweet-collaboration from @micoyuk and @CentricDigital.


IOT will change the way we think, work, create and develop.

Via Werner Vogels (@werner), CTO at Amazon.


Even if not this – something else will be in it for sure. Smartphones will be enhanced and improved with new capabilities that come from the hardware side, rather than software or firmware innovations.

The fabulous tweet comes from Marc Benioff, CEO at Salesforce.


Big Data should have appropriate Data Centers. And it’s best, when they are software-defined.

Words by Michael Dell, and the tweet comes from Ray O ‘Farrell, CTO at VMware.

And, the last, but not least – our #5!

Some things never change! Regardless of what you do or how hard you try – you are nobody without loyal customers!

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