Top 5 Apps For Every Tech Company CEO

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 16, 2016

Top 5 Apps For Every Tech Company CEO
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When you are the busy CEO of an IT startup, staying organized is key. But keeping your business life in order has never been easier, thanks to smartphones and countless apps. From task trackers to time management, to budgeting, there is an app for just about every aspect of running a business—and running it well. We did some searching and found the top 5 apps every tech company CEO should be downloading right away. Speed Test

In 30 seconds or less, this free app allows you to check the connection speed of any device. Because of has a global network, the results of their speed test are accurate, no matter where you use the app.

This app is totally free, but if the ads annoy you, you can pay a one-time fee of $0.99 to remove the ads from the app permanently.

Where to buy: iTunes/Google Play


This file-transfer app is a must-have for every tech company startup. With this app, you can easily connect to any server and manage your files right from the desktop of your smartphone. With transmit, you are enabled to rename files, transfer files, change permissions, make folders, and even permanently delete files. Transmit is compatible with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3.

This app costs $7.99, but we are sure you will find it is well worth the cost.

Where to buy: iTunes

Screens VNC

This app allows you to connect to the desktop of any device (with permission, of course!), and work from that desktop on your own smartphone. This means if you need to quickly access a file or software, or even help diagnose a problem on another computer, this app allows you to do that, no matter where you are located.

This app costs $19.99, but will quickly pay for itself by saving you unnecessary trips to the office and allowing you to troubleshoot with clients remotely.

Where to buy: iTunes


Handling expenses, especially if you have multiple employees or partners making purchases, can be a huge headache for a startup company. This app allows you to connect your business account directly to the app and generate expense reports based on your own preferences.

One of the best features allows you to invite the app to your travel plans in Google calendar, letting it know to track all expenses within those dates and create a single expense report for the trip.

This app is completely free, and can be downloaded on any iOS devices.

Where to buy: iTunes


It doesn’t really matter what industry you are working in, every CEO needs an efficient way to keep track of the countless tasks they have on their plate each day. Wunderlist does exactly that, allowing users to create customized to-do lists and even connect with other users to share tasks with one another.

Wunderlist is a free app, but offers a “pro subscription” upgrade of $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

Where to buy: iTunes/Google Play

Keeping your digital world organized is great, but it is important to keep your office happy and clean as well. After you download the apps listed above, visit Modernize for a few ideas for creating a beautiful and functional office space.

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