Top 5 Game-Changers Of The Tech Industry!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 14, 2015

Top 5 Game-Changers Of The Tech Industry!
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The leap forward

It was a small step for a man and a huge leap for all mankind… Surely these words do sound epic and may tend to have a bit more pathos than supposes to in our reality, however they are the closes thing to the truth I could have come up with. This article will be listing several inventions that may indeed be revolutionary to all of us living on this ball of rock and water. And thus, we begin!

  1. Smartphones that are really, really private. Surely this does not sound as astonishing as a trip to Mars however you do have a smartphone and so do I and many other people that care about their personal lives and privacy. And considering how big phones are today and how much data we are trusting them with it may be even a matter of survival (in really radical cases, sure but still they are possible). So now there is Silent Care that does encrypt texts, attachments and even voice calls. Silent Care are going for their own, safe smartphone creation called Blackphone  and I am looking forward to it.
  2. Virtual Reality and what more can I say? We have virtual reality headsets now that mankind has dreamed of ever since first science fiction movies. Scientists in NASA are even exploring Mars surface with VR tech.
  3. Drones are amazing and will shortly be equipped to fit many purposes including putting out fires and agriculture even. Can you imagine how a drone with a camera may make a farmers life easier with new abilities of crops monitoring? Drones allow many of what currently used airplanes may offer however are extremely cheaper allowing larger growth to the agricultural industry. Perhaps we will end world hunger?
  4. Genomes are editable! CRISPR allows exquisite DNA engineering functionality and scientists from China have even created a pair of primates with several specific genetic mutations (hello, Planet of the Apes). CRISPR allows scientists to actually modify fertilized eggs. Imagine what biomedicine will do with this shortly as diseases are already easier to study and even to treat?
  5. Robots! ‘Dynamic balance’ technology developed by Boston Dynamics team has already taught robots to walk properly. There is also Sawyer that is already feared to take away jobs from people and he has a touchscreen of a face. Imagine what actual robots with AI can do shortly? Sure AI is still not invented (in the meaning most of us understand it) but many teams like Google themselves seem to be up to something big now. I am waiting.