Trigenix Success Story

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Trigenix Success Story
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The 3rd day of 3GSM (QArea took decision to visit 3GSM Congress 2006 after we got kindly invited by Wireless World Forum as its Premium Member) started with the most romantic and probably the most interesting meeting.

Romantic, because the meeting was on a boat with a mystic name Mystic. Interesting, because finally we met one of our good and permanent clients in reality.

As far as we often get requests on our mobile application testing services I would like to publish our success story with Trigenix, British mobile user interface company.

The story has started when one of QArea software developers was invited to work in Trigenix. When Trigenix team was in need to outsource their testing project, this developer kindly recommended to offshore it to QArea. So in 2001 we got request to test the User Interface for mobile phone Themes and the environment language generating graphic shell and simulating shell performance, in particular.

In the beginning testing was accomplished manually. When the first stage of the process was finished and the customer was satisfied with QArea results, our project manager started automation of all testing processes.

Although this took some time and efforts, crucial results were achieved. First of all during our cooperation with Trigenix we created separate testing division in QArea, which got intriguing name BugHuntress… And second, the solution represents evolutionary testing, providing possibility to locate an error clearly: non-operability of the simulator will result in device disruption. This way BugHuntress killed many bugs, helped saving time on further testing and it also provided the result tracing mode. This change made the process of a new functionality addition and an error change transparent. Another benefit is that we, actually, got self-testing environment.

Automated testing tools made it possible to analyze each discrepancy and insert relevant results to the test cases, which are applied for device testing automatically.

In autumn 2004 Max Garkavtsev, QArea General Manager went to London to meet representatives of Trigenix and Qualcomm. It is a well-known fact that the same autumn Qualcomm acquired Trigenix for approximately $36 million. We continued the same project with Qualcomm successfully. We are very glad that we could add value to Trigenix and bring good luck to this company.

Inspired by previous success, Steve Ives, who was CEO at Trigenix before, offered us to take part in his new venture. In Barcelona we met Steve as CEO of new company Jamtap Ltd.

Here is a picture of Max and Steve, contented with the meeting.

Max and Steve

P.S. This week I was delighted to get the note: ‘Julia, no problem with mentioning me and the work that QArea did for Trigenix, which we were very happy with.’ (When under development, our projects are covered by NDA which is the question of honor for us to keep.)

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