Twitter hits a million apps and turns to developers thereof

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 12, 2011

Twitter hits a million apps and turns to developers thereof
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Today Twitter announced that it has achieved the 1 million apps milestone. So how many of them could you name?

Ok, so probably a more significant question is how many of the Twitter apps do you utilize? Thus this milestone lifts up other questions, such as how many of those 1 million apps are still running? And may be more importantly, if the installed base of 3d party apps assist Twitter to hold its own in front of Google+?

Announcement of Twitter follows a strong activity in the social media area, highlighted by the launch of Google+, addition of Skype-powered video calling and the sale of Myspace. The announcement of Twitter provides the impression of a fast-growing and vibrant developer community. The company also said that the first million of registered applications were created by more than 750 000 programmers. There is up from 150 000 of applications a year ago, and there is registered a new app every 1.5 seconds.

There is no question that third-party application are obligatory for making vast datastream of Twitter, aka the firehose, useful. Some web applications, as for example Tweetmeme, Topsy and TwitPic are practically indivisible from the experience of Twitter. Check out the list of Oneforty of the top 100 Twitter apps. Today Twitter also announced that it has overhauled its developers portal. The movement comes exactly at a time when relationship of Twitter with its developer community is far from been cozy, especially as the company endeavours to make more in-house in its ongoing quest for a profit mother lode to knock into.

With the revamped portal a blog and discussions section are added and this portal also offers improved search, app manager tool and documentation.

So, decide now what is your favourite Twitter app? And what application do you wish these new developers to make?