Ukraine Will Shortly Have A Smart City Of Its Own

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 6, 2014

Ukraine Will Shortly Have A Smart City Of Its Own
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Lvov, one of Ukraine’s major tourist attraction cities is going to become smart. The local authorities are planning on developing a ‘Town control panel’ together with some Microsoft specialists. Sometime earlier Lvov’s Mayor Andrew Sadovyi and Microsoft’s Regional General Manager Dmitry Shimkiv have signed a memorandum about cooperation.  It involves several innovation projects.

Honorary Members

Ukraine is not the first country that is supporting Microsoft’s ‘CityNext’ program that is about creating such smart cities. Tel-Aviv, Oakland, Barcelona, Buenos-Aires, Hamburg, Manchester, Moscow, Philadelphia and other cities are already a part of the program.

What will the program give Lvov?

First of all it will be easier to be a tourist walking down romantic corners of the ancient city. A town control panel will allow city’s guests to get quality services and all required information. Yet the program based on Microsoft technology is not all about tourists.

A new city council portal will emerge making it easier for the authorities to react on complaints and advices of Lvov’s citizens. The citizens will also gain an electronic card and a mobile app that will grant them access to various on-line payments and services. All the communal services and Government Organizations will be united into one network.

As it turns out from the research of KPMG Lvov is the most perspective city of Ukraine for evolution and development of the IT industry. And is in the 30 of the most perspective cities in the world. So Microsoft could not miss such a tasty bite. And I’d have to agree with their strategy.