Useful Localization Tips for Software and SaaS Companies

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 12, 2012

Useful Localization Tips for Software and SaaS Companies
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In order to make your business successful and profitable you need to improve internationalization investment strategy. Reliable partner and correct policy of the software or SaaS company will help your enterprise to raise position on the global market. Your prospective customer might be located just clicks away and still be different from your core client base.

We would like to give you some localization tips listed below.

Choose the right ecommerce partner

You need the right platform provider who can help you to move into the local and niche markets worldwide. Choosing wrong partner may lead to excessive costs and hinder to expand your localization capabilities. So be watchful choosing your future eCommerce provider.

Translating content is not enough

However this is good start. Try to refuse machine translation and make investments in high pro translator with complete linguistic skills. Culture particularities should be considered.

Also you may hire native speakers who are interested in your product and propose them free license in exchange for providing you with free translations. This way is less costly and less efficient then professional translator, but better than machine translation.

Use local currencies and payment options

Give customers chance to choose payment options. Traditionally they prefer to purchase goods in their local currency. Learn more about the top markets for Software and SaaS. Thus, you can impact on sales. For instance, German shoppers accustomed to use PayPal; most of Chinese choose Alipay; iDeal is popular among Hollanders. Almost in every country you can find such dominant online platform.

Regional pricing politic

Regional prices are the powerful weapon in the capable hands. Variable regional prices are very important resource to localization. For example, you may drive a consistent income increase with the regional prices’ help; adapt prices on different markets and differentiate its strategies. Thus, you can see the best converse.

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