So You Want To Be A Real-Deal Software Consultant? But Are You Sure?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 7, 2015

So You Want To Be A Real-Deal Software Consultant? But Are You Sure?
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What’s it like to be your own boss?

Being 100% independent may seem fairly fascinating to many IT specialists with years of experience and seemingly fitful skills. The world of contracting and it consulting is providing such exact chance. And, after your boss has failed providing you with what you are calling personal growth such a path may truly seem tempting. But do you know what’s the only thing in our world that’s close to perfection? A concept of something, not more, nor less. In reality a job of a contractor is a fairly challenging and difficult job, due to many factors and competition is only the mountain-top here. Thus you are to do some serious research before claiming proudly “I’ve had it! I quit!” (With a fair amount of really dark and inappropriate language possibly?).

So where were I headed? Oh, right, research! Information is a sure way to victory and knowing the pros and cons of your potential decision is somewhere about 50% of success, thus we begin. The job of an IT consultant is sort of like it outsourcing but it’s really not.

Who is a consultant anyways?

What’s the actual difference between a contractor and a consultant? A consultant is somebody who is a lone wolf and is playing solo. His goal is to market himself to a potential company which requires his skills. Surely you may join or use services from a special agency to meet those goals but that will make you a contractor. This is but a tiny difference in definitions one has to keep in mind. However such info is a great guiding light and provides you with lots of food for thought. You will be selling your services. On your own. In a cruel world of ruthless competition.

So, to make things pretty clear: a contractor allows a third party agency to market his services will require vast skills in what he has to offer, when a consultant needs to be a swell marketer as well.

Which exact skills will a fine IT consultant require?

Your future lies within your hands and it is only up to you to manage issues like the ones below in order to succeed.

  • A consultant must be able of financing his own venture
  • A consultant will have to be able of marketing his services
  • A consultant must be able of selling his services to a client
  • A marketer has to be able of completing a project he has tied himself with

So, as you may see tech skills are only a quarter of what a real consultant has to be capable of. Will you be able of managing the rest effectively? That is we are not even raising the topic of self-organization as well as self-motivation. So are you truly in?