Want to Web Design? More Rules to Come

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 10, 2014

Want to Web Design? More Rules to Come
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In the world we live in everybody needs a site of their own. No matter if you are a huge outsourcing company or a small shop that has delivery – Internet is customers, and costumers are money. There are things you are forced to follow even if you don’t want to since you are not making sites just for your personal usage only. The following five steps are like the bricks and cement of your web page, and trust me, you don’t want to build from mud and hay.

  1. What will users be doing with most data on your page? You’re darn right, they will read it. So please and pretty please try to make everything easy to do so. Don’t use yellow letters on a green background or stuff like that. Remember this as two times two: dark text on a pale background is something everybody is used to and is perfect for reading. Try to be bald and to experiment on other stuff. And you also don’t want to make your letters too small, we’re not falcons. But we also are not all blind so don’t make text too large. Big letters give people the idea they are being shouted at.
  2. I’d bet you’ve cursed a lot of devils trying to find lost iPhone or a TV remote. Actually not being able to find what I want pisses the hell out of me and you don’t want your users to have such trouble. The navigation you have should be as simple and clear, as possible. All of your sweet-looking flashy effects don’t have the right to cover navigation buttons or make them beautiful, yet unreadable.
  3. Have you thought of how will users find you? Shure you have create an awesome web page, but do you really think people will be searching for I’m-Awesome-I-know-HTML dot com? Nowadays just building the site ain’t enough. The page has to be promoted both on and offline. With search engines, banners, promo actions, sales, giving away free fluffy kittens. It’s like war and the site has to be promoted by all means necessary.
  4. You are your logo. Your brand colors, logos etc. have to follow users on every page of your site. The site needs to be held in one color scheme and one style. If you use special effect in your heading, bullet-points or footer the same effects should be in every heading, bullet-point, footer.
  5. Speed. Nowadays it’s all about speed. Statistically if your site doesn’t download in fifteen seconds most users will simply leave. And you can’t allow that. So no matter how cool or fancy your animation effects are they are either light and fast to download, or they have to go.