Web Design: Masterpiece Websites

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 21, 2015

Web Design: Masterpiece Websites
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Website is your businesses visit card today. How much do you reveal in your visit card? Just the essentials: you name, phone number, and area of occupation. And it works right? Why should your website be different and heavy on functionality that is useless or even confuses your sire’s visitors? Extra pieces of code like some fancy JavaScript features may look cool and shiny however they are heavy and are increasing load time and users are not waiting much longer than 3 seconds in today’s internet. Why risk losing leads?

No, if a feature is essential and valuable, it has to be implemented without a doubt, and in a manner in which load speed and functionality are not damaged. However making 20 such features is pointless. Here is what you should expect from decent web page design:

  • Navigations all over the page have to be obvious and intuitive without features hidden so deep even you doubt whether they are in place whatsoever. Every navigation button has to be both visible and obvious.
  • Don’t push on receiving user data from registration. Be patient an all info you are gathering for marketing purposes will end up within your grasp. However registration fields that are consisting of more than 3-4 steps are usually scaring visitors (and potential leads who can be converted to customers) away. Best scenario registration would be the one requiring an e-mail or the one that allows signing in with existing social media accounts.
  • Highlight essentials. If you host a sale or a special offer make sure web design points it out clearly. All roads should lead to the offer in one way or the other.
  • Your content has to be meaningful and useful to visitors. Put their needs up-front. There is no worse approach than the one stating: “what content should I create to generate more leads?” Try the: “what is my Target Audience interested in?” – Instead.
  • Users are surfing through the web for the info and are not looking for amazing things to gaze on. They have YouTube for those purposes so keep things clear and clean. Too many bright and colorful goodies are distracting and even irritating. And the possible effects and animations most people use do work if placed wisely however are pointless if are all over the web page.
  • White spaces are essential and the more you have them the better your users will understand your message and the content you are displaying. Large fonts and lots of white spaces is what people love in the web.

These are just few basic principles you should keep in mind while preparing requirements to the team responsible for your website development services. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas straight in the comments section and I will love to respond as soon as I can!