Boost Your Web Design with Delightful Tricks from Psychology

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 4, 2015

Boost Your Web Design with Delightful Tricks from Psychology

Imagine a website that is ultimately designed, crafted and tailored into pure perfection, an actual web masterpiece, quintessence of every single bright, outstanding matter ever published online. Imagine every new possibility such a website will empower you with, imagine all the challenges you may overcome.

Such a website is not some fiction or delusion created by a broken perfectionist’s mind. You can, in fact, achieve such results by using the very essence of human nature and implementing full might of psychology inside your web design. Surely you might believe you are entering inside a field that is banned, and secrets it hides should never be exposed. Well, I, as an insider may truly state you are only partly right. These tricks and techniques are commonly used and are completely ethical for as long as you will use them wisely.

Sounds thrilling to you? Well, it should be. By the way, I have already used several tricks to interest you, ensuring you will keep on reading, and look at the results: you are here, going through these very words because all that I have written above worked and I will be delighted to tell you more, so, while all is fresh on your mind, I would sincerely recommend taking some notes.

Note: I have decided to divide this topic into series of articles, so make sure to stay tuned for more useful information!

Blissful magic of colors

One thing may be said with certainty: you are often helpless, bond and paralyzed with brand colors you must use. Things may look as all your efforts will be pointless and you may be even tired of brainstorming for new, fitting solutions. Well, you should not worry, because you can easily work with what you have and still succeed.

All your branding colors may be pre-determined, and yet there are still neutrals, the colors you use to create shades, tints, etc. these neutral colors are usually variations of whites, blacks and greys, however they may differ from brand to brand. These additions to primary colors often become the dominant ones possessing and absorbing all real estate or free space, in other words.

Neutral colors provide people and their eyes the chance to rest somewhere for a while, so, basically, they have the very same value as whitespaces (we will talk about them a bit later on). Imagine you have a red and black logo with white and gray neutrals. Using black or red all over the page may be a bit too bold or even cruel to eyes of your poor site visitors. Just imagine black letters on red background or vice versa.

Before we lose our focus here, what do you think is the best thing about neutrals? You are not bond to them, you can toy with them and prepare adjustments to achieve perfection. But before you dive all in your experiments, ensure you are fully aware of all the following information:

Cooler colors: these are shades of blue, green, purple, etc., and all of them provide readers with a touch of professionalism from your side. They are inviting and trust-worthy and are also relaxing at the same time, but, if they are used in contrast, people will feel awkward and unwanted. The contrast makes these colors unfriendly and cold.

Warmer colors: these are oranges, reds, yellows, etc. Such colors, as their name points out are warm, cozy and soothing. They are perfect to deliver your creativity and unexpected talents, but be wary of the fact visitors may be frustrated and stressed, because this mighty tool was used poorly.

White: It is the color of purity, clarity and openness. But it may seem boring to many people. This is the hardest color to use of them all, so if you are not too sure about the fact you have played it wisely, you should rather consider greys instead. ava

Greys: this is the color of style, its slick and modern, it is almost as clean and pure as white, but too much of grey may and will make your website’s looks cold and absolutely unfriendly.

Black: is the king of sheik, gloss and professionalism. It’s very strict and fabulous at the same time, yet people may associate it with losses, death and all sorts of negative things if you are not careful enough.

Why go far? Simply look through the Apple website and adore their use of grey neutrals to show their standing out style and how black ads a bit of polish in places that require this touch and you will fully realize what am I talking about here.

Oh, and before you forget, please engage into a conversation with me throughout the comment section. Perhaps you have any questions, or wish to find out about something particular, because I can do all that for you and I will certainly appreciate a decent chat on this topic!