Web Development: Choosing the right color

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 3, 2014

Web Development: Choosing the right color
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Chosing colorLots of fresh and unexperienced web developers are making a common mistake: they want their site to look fancy, shiny and absolutely different from the other pages in any way possible. But you should never forget that all of the “old” websites share some things together for a reason. Various factors can influence users and psychology is one of the trickiest yet useful baits you can catch a lot of fish with. So here are some basic colors usage tips that can be used by anybody from a humongous web application development company (though I’m pretty sure they know them) to a first year IT university student:

  • Red. A great color to start with is red, the symbol of blood, energy, love and lot more truly powerful, yet alarming feelings. I’d say red is the “oh, WOW!” color. It’s good for attracting attention so try using it on the “follow me” buttons of any sort, etc.
  • Green. The color of nature and health. Can be a splendid background color diluted with a bit of brown or blue. It also represents money so will often be found on bank of pharmaceutical companies sites.
  • Blue. A strong, powerful yet relaxing color. It suits pretty much everybody. Social researches show it’s one of the most favorite colors amongst the world. No wonder it has so many followers. One more tip – if the blue is too bright it’s hard to look at it for a very long time and that, certainly isn’t good for business.
  • Black represents luxury, class, style. It’s good if you are selling diamonds or fancy automobiles. Also loved by music site makers.
  • Purple. The color of royalty which is also good for luxury goods except it’s a bit more feminine, so go straight ahead if you’re selling some one-of-a-kind $1000 dresses. It is also a one more of wisdom representing colors and will go splendid on scientific and medical web-pages.
  • Orange is cheerful, happy and warm. Plus it also attracts attentions so is great for all kinds of sales. Its brother – yellow can be used for children stuff and will fit there greatly.
  • Text. Try keeping the letters on your site black. It’s the way people are used to reading since early childhood and my advice – don’t make them change habits, it’s never done well to anybody.

So here are some basic tips you’d rather remember, but feel free to experiment. After all we live in a world that is constantly changing and the future is after the brave and the bold!