What About Bug Free Software?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 29, 2011

What About Bug Free Software?
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Have you ever thought about the interesting question “Did you come across Bug free Software” in your life. Each time this question is asked of anyone from IT industry, the person thinks very hard and begins nodding with slight nodding and the phase of nodding increases quickly. That is the outcome of normal human behavior. In case this question would be asked at any “Appraisal” meeting, there will be absolutely different answer from the same person.

To stay in IT industry for a long, it is normal to think much about “Bug Free Software”. In case you ask anybody who involved in SDLC, their definition of a BUG would be like “any deviation from the requirement”. Another question here is doesn’t the “Requirements” carry a bug on its own. Reasoning from the experience if you start digging for the real meaning of Bug that would finish as an item straightly related to the software usability. Any Bug placed in shipped software can be collective responsibility of the team, but Quality Assurance ones would take more hit than others.

Another one myth that prevails in the IT industry says that we may reach the state of “Bug Free Software” once the technology improves. Over 40 years old industry and several new concepts/ideas are being introduced each minute in this world wide village. Whether the “Defect Density” diminishes in any of your projects? We are not able to stop bugs, but we can find a way to cut them down.

Day by day software systems are becoming more complex. Each application is attempting to support the client with maximum number of features/functionality in a single page.

In conclusion of Bug Free Software it is important to say:

  1. Bug Free Software represents a “Concept” but not a “State”
  2. The bug free software concept itself is the result of short comings and imperfect thinking in understanding of bugs and software.
  3. User-friendly software without customer complaints are all “Bug Free Software”.
  4. Take the sheet of driver to estimate the software on basis of the solution it provides, but not about “Bug” it carries.
  5. Stay Proud to say that the shipped software is “Bug Free”.