What are the improvings in new Gmail

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 12, 2011

What are the improvings in new Gmail
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The improving popular formats always leads to trash but new Gmail is not referring to this. There are 15 add-ons and the Gmail users can apply this many options to costomize it. Using Google`s new format the user`s specifications can be easily changed and before these new format there were a lot of empty space.

Talking about the display, now it is more wider and spreaded out. The new format has the “Settings” button that can be found in the upper right corner of the display.

The advantage of the “Settings” button is also that the multiple backgrounds can be found that are much simplier and quicker and these backgrounds can be used for the Gmail interface. Google offers different sorts of pictures like mountains, forests, beaches and other. To avoid white space, the range of different colors can be chosen. There are also chanches with chat window. While chatting it comes up with the colors that a user can choose and not with black one as it used to be.

The main chatc an be re-sized and labls can be moved to the left side of the screen.This feature is very usefull if the user does not preffer to chat a lot and doesn`t use lables. It can be spreated out at the expense and also mooved to projection in the main display.

Of course, new Gmail is not perfect. It can be noticed that the advertisement that is at the top of the inbox is very meddlesome and can be seen on the traditional version of Gmail. Also, the chat window that is on the left side of the screen can be mooved more difficult. Earlier the chat window could be scrolled down easily. However, in the new version of Gmail can`t be automatically scrolled along with the inbox. This makes some difficulties while chatting. The window has a limited size and if a user wants to make the chat window bigger, the labers will become smaller.

Anyway, the changes of the Gmail  are for good. These options help to avoid the old irritating features and the new Gmail is more better that the old vertion.