What Are Your Toughest People Management Challenges As A Startup Founder?

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 3, 2015

What Are Your Toughest People Management Challenges As A Startup Founder?
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Many things may go wrong in a startup. One of some most terrible scenarios is when your team is not at all doing what it is really supposed to. You as a startup founder may not even be aware of how it is like, to be a developer. Your ideas are great and still you are moving nowhere? That should ring a bell for you to start doing something. What are some of the most common places for issues to appear?

  • Communication: how are the teams working together? How are priorities defined and tasks assigned? Are your developers angry on testers just because they are finding bugs? Are your employees doing lots of rework and product management is of your weak sides? If those questions have negative answers it’s most likely that communication is not working as it is obviously supposed to do.
  • Architecture: Surely startups are a place where architecture of any project is shifting more often then it rains in London. If changes are made and the product is moving along you have nothing to truly worry about. But if architecture is poor from the start and causes a lot of damage as it is on every stage of a project you are to reconsider it.


Who is responsible for all the technical aspects of the project? That is correct, a CTO. Often many of issues noted above are rising due low skill and professionalism of your CTO. How to know for sure? We may start from creating an image of a perfect CTO and you will compare it to the one that is on your team.

CTO is skilled at what your technical teams are doing. A developer background is an excellent quality. It’s extremely hard to manage people when you are not aware of what they are actually doing and what can somehow be done better or even faster. But, unfortunately, tech skills are not enough here as good developers are far from good CTO’s and not every programmer has what it takes to be a real leader. So tech skills aside, what qualities is a CTO to possess?

  • A leader of your technical department. Meaning CTO’s are to be, by all 100% capable of building best teams that will be fitting the project in the best way. The decisions of who is to be on a team are to be base on many factors besides coding. There is to be a development culture established where everybody is on his place and knows what should be done, who can help with issues, where to go for support, etc.
  • Up-to-date. A CTO is to be constantly learning something new, trying out new methodologies, implementing the best recent tools and knowledge have to offer. That way your project will remain wanted.
  • Planning and strategizing are also to be of your CTO’s top skills. Business needs and ways they are to be met, the direction development is to head, people management and more are to be planned in advance.

If you are positive your CTO is all like that and may be trusted with all the technical aspects of your startup development you have nothing to truly worry about. And if there are still few issues you are not satisfied with, then outsourcing may sound like the easiest solution. If you will be picking the service provider wisely, that is.

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