What Big Companies Should Know About Software Outsourcing Vendors Before Hiring?

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 25, 2012

What Big Companies Should Know About Software Outsourcing Vendors Before Hiring?
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If your company has already achieved large-scale business goals and you want to make a new step to success, you need someone to make your software operations more effective and less costly. So now you are looking for company which can provide you quality IT outsources service. Below, we present to you some questions should be answered if your company decided to cooperate to software outsourcing vendor.

Does the IT company has a team and if yes, what it is like?

Well, if you need developer you may hire someone. But do not forget one person cannot complete large-scale and difficult project – you need collective intelligence. First of all the vendor must provide strong and experienced team which consists of developers, programmers, testers who has the impressive portfolio of web applications. The complexity of projects is growing every day, that’s why you need professional outsource employees to work under certain project.

Why do you need to choose exactly this IT vendor?

Don’t get your hopes up, when you are visiting various vendors’ websites! You can see a great number of articles, company’s news and other information about how experienced and professional the personnel are, and etc. But don’t forget, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. In most cases IT company advanced only in one specific industry.

Is the vendor you decided to hire really an expert?

Make sure your vendor is going to work under your project. Somebody masters database or website creation, while somebody professionally writes texts.Maybe sometimes it is rather to hire company specialized in one IT industry.

What are the full outsourcing costs?

Many companies draw a check and you find out some hidden costs. It is very important to discuss previously the outturn full project costs. So you can plan resources available to your project and make decisions only in a specified price rage.

Does the candidate experienced enough in effective project management?

Every project needs to be organized and monitored by the lead who can find the most effective and less costly problem solution. If you want to make sure the vendor has a good management personnel you may check up company’s website and view the relevant pages.

Does the vendor punctual in schedule? Has the company ever meet deadlines, delivery database, and etc.?

Usually in big businesses all the processes are smoothly running and all the terms were confirmed previously. So if something starts going wrong or is not in operation it could lead to unforeseeable consequences: profits of several months can be wiped out in a single day.

Does the company guarantee the quality of projects? What is the scalability of guarantee?

It could happened the vendor had presented a creation of a sufficient project for you. But after start-up you are finding out some defects. The project could be unsuitable in reality. You paid your money, so you deserve on quality created project. So you will be right, if ask your vendor to make some project improvements under guarantee.

What is the vendor’s reputation?

Try to find out more about reputation of your vendor: visiting forums, viewing other working projects, reading testimonials, etc. You can gather information about how has your vendor met obligations with other customers and make the right conclusions.

If the vendor faces problem, how quickly it may be solved by?

This is the one more question concerning the process without breakdowns. But it is very relative. All depend on scale of the issue and vendor’s professionalism. So try to make this aspect more definite in your agreement by setting deadlines.

Does the company represent a reliable and sustainable business?

To answer this question seek information from networks, magazines, etc. This can be the following kind of information:

  • years of company experience,
  • number and type of projects in dynamic for every year,
  • client base and customers’ comments, etc.

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