What Does World’s Best Healthcare App Look Like?

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on April 17, 2015

What Does World’s Best Healthcare App Look Like?
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How big is the mobile app industry?

What do you do the first thing after waking up? Tidy yourself? Have a cup of coffee? No, you are probably checking your phone first and so are 75% of US adults. Dis you also know you will be checking your device more than 150 times until you are in bed again (and after, probably).

Statistics state that more than 100 billion apps were downloaded and will deliver $92bn of revenue by 2018. 87% of people do prefer apps over web even if it is mobile. Is the Healthcare industry ready to take up the new challenge on? Just look over here: more than 100.000 healthcare apps are available on iTunes and Google play which leads me to a conclusion that they are being demanded.

However are all those apps successful or even decently designed? Doubtful and considering the market and the vast array of competitors your solution requires to be in top shape if you want it to be profitable.

Where to go first?

Who will be using your app? Who is it designed for? Which solutions does it provide? You are dead without proper answers to these questions. You have probably went through lots of trends and predictions of whatever will be popular in 2015, 2016, 2999, right? Well forget them. You should never chase trend, go after customers if you truly wish to survive in the market. Interview people that will be gaining from your product, question groups, facilities and partners, make sure you are developing a solution rather than what most people want. This is not some game app we are developing.

A great idea would be to begin with customer profile creation. Gather as much relevant data as possible like where are they from, where do they work, what they do during a day. Create personas and try identifying whether your app is helping them or not.


What to actually do next?

  • Determine realistic deadlines. Don’t get carried away in a rush for revenue or you will end up with nothing.
  • Develop an appropriate marketing strategy. Make sure it covers such aspects as:
    • Ways you will be reaching your potential customers
    • User engagement after the app was downloaded and installed
    • Loyalty programs so people (your users) won’t be switching to different solutions
  • Always keep the ‘why am I developing this app?’ answer in your head. That should be the guiding light of the entire project.
  • Make sure the app is usable everywhere. Meaning your app should be live and operational despite various conditions of surrounding environments.
  • It must be easily usable by people. Comfort, simplicity and convenience are your best partners here.
  • Make sure your solution is properly regulated by the MHRA (or any other similar organization that is authorized in your location). It is a necessary requirement. Go to an appropriate website to find out requirements and keep up to them.
  • Categorize features. Analyze requirements once again. Determine which are necessary and prioritize them.
  • Decide with the platform the app will be running on. This should matter mostly considering your team of preference expertise and you should also pay attention to which devices are mostly popular amongst your target audience. There are several great thoughts on this matter here. Surely that article is mostly oriented on game app development however it determines the difference between platforms in a great manner.
  • Testing is vital and crushes are unacceptable. 79% of people will not be launching an app ever again after a second crush.
  • Make sure your design and layout are clean, simple and intuitive, don’t go too heavy on content nor functionality. Mobile apps are valued for simplicity desktop applications or even web are not offering.
  • Security is important as well if the app will be storing used data in some databases. Oh, even if it won’t security still matters especially with something as vital as healthcare.
  • You are not done when the app hits the market. You still have to monitor it, locate and eliminate possible defects and inconveniences, constantly maintain and update it. We suggest a separate team to be used for such tasks.

If you are curious about something else or any questions feel free to share them in the comments and I would absolutely love to answer the. Max out!