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March 13, 2015
March 13, 2015

What Does It Take To Be an IT Entrepreneur?

March 13, 2015

After going through tons of interviews with successful people of the IT industry, piles of motivational and business-oriented educational literature, hours of hard work and one sleepless night overfilled with coffee and muffins I can finally present you this general image of what it takes to become successful in the IT industry (if such skills may even be learned rather than born-with). So here is the general list or required qualities (sure some of them may be banal or even cheesy and yet they are often repeated because they are true):

  • IT’s no place for quitters. Do you know how much time and dedication a single startup requires? It’s like a marathon with you, as its CEO ready to fight and win 24/7. You should be able to answer any business strategy-related questions in your sleep. Do you know how many failures, big or small, will be expecting you on your way to success? You will need to get up after every received blow. It’s not a fairy land where you can create an app within a week, it goes viral and you earn billions. Things just don’t work that way.
  • Be prepared to bet all on red! Risk is something you will have to deal with every single day and without risk there is no victory. Or no victory worth attention at max.
  • Be confident in what you are doing! Trust yourselves and your crazy ideas. Every single success story begins with something just crazy enough to work. When was the last time you heard something like: “Rationalism has lead mankind to a new discovery!”? That’s tight, never.
  • One of the key factors a successful entrepreneur will require is the ability to adapt. We live in a world that shifts constantly. Imagine a situation: You are working on a solution for like 2 years, you have already invested tons of money and effort into it and somebody releases the exact same thing a week earlier than you were going to. What will your actions be? Adapt.

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