What Is a Corporate Website

by Anna Khrupa on Dec 7, 2022

Even if your business is 100% offline-oriented, people will Google you to find out who you are, what your market background is, and how to contact you easily. Your website is your company’s most valuable digital asset. You should treat it with the same care as any other strategic selling point. Why? Let’s start with a corporate website definition first.

A corporate website represents a business or a brand. It is used to inform the public about the company’s online presence and recent activity and increase its recognition. A corporate website helps in the promotion of services and customer acquisition.

What Is the Purpose of a Corporate Website?

In the age of social media, a website remains a home for a business based online. A corporate website is the first place potential clients go to learn about the brand, its products, and its services.

Why do you need a corporate website if you do not sell online? The purpose of a corporate website is to present a company and show who the people behind it are. It either directly or indirectly contributes to the business’s legitimacy. The primary goal is to build reputation, support, and promote the entire company, brand, educational institution, or non-profit organization with its mission and values rather than the services or products it offers.

The Different Types of Corporate Websites

You choose the type of website based on the type of business you do and the growth  strategy you have chosen so far. Here are some options to choose from:

ECommerce Website 

The goal of an eCommerce website is to sell a product or service. The showcase experience, which is the way the product is presented (the use of high-quality images), and the checkout process (access to previous orders, saved products, personalized options, or rewards) are always the focus. To entice a visitor to shop is what is meant by a corporate website in eCommerce.

Branding Website

A company’s profile reflects its personality and contains information about its products or services. The purpose is to familiarize visitors with a business, product, or service, giving them confidence that the company is legitimate. The website’s main feature is to combine strong copy and memorable visual content.

Lead Generation Website

This company website helps visitors gather information about them and warm them up into potential customers for a company. The critical element of any lead generation website is its homepage. It is a company’s face and a chance to grab attention and guide a user further. The purpose is to turn a potential customer from a visitor to a lead and maintain their interest to take the next step and place an order. Calls-to-action, or CTAs (e.g., “Sign up,” “Try for free,” “Join us,” etc.), are one of the key elements of the lead generation page.

Support Website

The support website provides information and support for hardware, software, or any service for a customer. Usually, it is used by large tech companies to allow customers to request support and resolve product-related issues online.

Blogs/News Website

Most information today is presented via media outlets and small blog posts. In both cases, the goal of the website is to get visitors’ attention to read something about current events or any other information to inform. The focus is on the content, which is categorized and tagged for convenient browsing (e.g., “World,” “Sports,” “Business,” etc.). Every article has its page. The imagery accompanying the content is given special attention. Visuals are used to break up long blocks of text and get people curious enough to click and get into the article.

Non-profit Website

It is not a website for business but a website that represents any non-profit or charitable organization funded through grants and donations from volunteers, donors, or the public community. The main focus is on presenting the organization’s work with the details of how to join and become a member or a donor. The key elements are an easy layout, a high-quality gallery, and a clear CTA.

Educational Website

This type of website is dedicated to teaching people something or providing access to online courses, which include different types of media content. It may also represent a specific educational institution like a college or school. The purpose is to get visitors engaged at the very beginning and keep them engaged and excited to consume what the website is offering as time goes by. The educational web page might not contain workshops and seminars but provide enough information about institutions to attract potential students or provide general information on the education process (e.g., campus images, addresses, or information about the required resources).

What Constitutes an Excellent Corporate Website?

More than 80% of customers are less likely to return to a website after having a bad experience with it. It is critical to focus on your visitors’ experience and consider it the way they do. Your website might need more or fewer pages, but there is always a starting point: a Homepage, a Service page, an About page, and a Contact page. Having these four elements makes it easier to get started and find the best solution.

Here are a few more must-haves for a high-quality website.

  • Clean and Professional Looking User Experience. To improve a corporate website user experience, you have to ensure the navigation is clear and consistent throughout the site. Do not clutter the page and make visitors guess where the link they are clicking will take them. Keep everything clean and simple.
  • Well-Written Content. Deep relevant content is critical from the customer’s point of view and Google’s. Professionally written content created in a naturally readable way has higher rankings and gets better customer responses. Write to engage and inform rather than to impress.
  • Informing Over Selling. Tell your visitors a story about how your product or service can solve their problems. You can get the sale without actually selling anything.
  • All the Information About the Company. After a Homepage, an About page is your company’s official website’s most important asset. It is what your customers are likely to visit most when thinking about working with or buying from you. The formula for the About page is simple: headline, company mission, story, and CTA.
  • Presented Some of the Company’s Best Employees. Highlight those who are behind your brand to bring character and personality to your business. It can be done in a minimal black-and-white or colorful, playful way.
  • Careers and Internship Page. Provide a separate page for attracting new employees. Describe your business culture and hiring procedure. Remember to keep information up-to-date.
  • A list of the Company’s Intellectual Properties and Trademarks identifies the sources of the services or products presented to a customer. It shows that the business is legally registered and protected, increasing the chances of having a higher number of loyal clients.
  • Feedback from Current & Past Customers is a source of information for the company’s future audience, which provides insight into the minds of customers and elevates business
  • Timely Support for Customers in the form of live chat or email support improves customer service and helps to build a strong bond between a company and its customers

How to Manage and Update a Corporate Website

Managing a corporate website requires more effort than it is seen. The work continues once the website is launched. It must be kept up-to-date regularly. The primary focus is on the content and design of the website. The team must update information and communicate relevant news about their activity while adhering to the continuously changing rules for copies. You need to develop a content publishing system, to make the process easier and attract more traffic, which can then be converted into actual customers. Tracking the latest web design trends is necessary to eliminate flaws and increase credibility.

Maintaining your company’s online presence is a requirement, representing its mission, and a means of attracting new customers and driving revenue growth. You can always contact us to discuss your future website ideas. Or let us help you assemble a team of specialists to develop a custom website or refresh an existing one and maintain and manage it in the long run.



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